Report: Walking Dead FPS, Star Wars Kinect developer shuts down after nearly 20 years

Texas-based Terminal Reality closes its doors, according to former employee.


Irving, Texas independent developer Terminal Reality--creator of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, and BloodRayne--has closed its doors, according to a former employee (via Gamasutra). The studio originally opened in 1994.

Former 10-year veteran of the studio Jesse Sosa said on Facebook recently that Terminal Reality "seems to have finally shut down." Terminal Reality also contributed to 2012's Kinect Star Wars. In addition, the studio supported its business by licensing its proprietary Infernal Engine.

Official details on the fate of Terminal Reality are hard to come by. It's not clear how many staffers may have been affected or when the studio shut down, if it indeed did. In a 2009 interview, Terminal Reality described itself as a "very large" independent studio with multiple development teams.

The company's website currently redirects users to its Facebook page (which has not been updated since October), while the Infernal Engine website says it is undergoing maintenance. Terminal Reality's Twitter account has been inactive since March.

GameSpot was unable to contact Terminal Reality to confirm the company's closure or to clarify the extent of the situation.

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