Report: Brash cofounder checks out

President Nicholas Longano leaves the publisher of Jumper, Alvin and the Chipmunks just over a year after launching it.

In March 2007, Legendary Pictures CEO announced that it would be raising $150 million to create independent game developer Brash Entertainment to work on game projects that would be licensed with movies, books, and music.

Six projects were revealed to be in the works, including a 300 game. In June, the company scored some $400 million in funding for its adaptation projects from a private investment firm. Brash also revealed it was working on games based on Jumper and Saw.

However, according to Variety, all is not well at the company, and Brash cofounder Nicholas Longano has reportedly left the building. According to the article, Longano has "moved on," and his duties are being taken over by CEO and cofounder Mitch Davis.

Figures from NPD show the company's first two games haven't done as well as hoped. Alvin and the Chipmunks has so far sold 286,000 units in the US, whereas Jumper: Griffin's Story has shifted just under 16,000.

Longano will remain involved with Brash as an investor in the company.

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