Real 3D Without the Tacky Glasses

Want 3D without having to wear the funky headgear? Silicon Graphics may have found just what you're looking for.

Silicon Graphics is taking a big jump into 3D with a new patent-pending technology called Real-Depth 3-D from Floating Images.

The 128-cubic-foot booth showcasing the technology (with a front view of 8 by 4 feet) is being shown this week at NetWorld & Interop '97 in Atlanta, Ga.

Viewers will walk on a bridge 16 feet above the show floor and be able to look at the 3D images around them.

Essentially, the technology works on a basic principle dealing with the fact that humans see on different planes. At the very minimum, the technology creates two planes, a foreground and a background giving the user a sense of depth. Interestingly enough, the only thing needed to create these images is compatible software and a Real-Depth adapter. The TV and PC monitor products aren't available yet but Floating Images' web site anticipates that the retail price will be in the US$79.95 area and gamers will receive an additional $10 discount coupon toward the purchase of the adapter with any compatible game.

Why should gamers care? SGI makes the Reality processor (the CPU) for the Nintendo 64. Imagine what Mario would look like if he could pop out of your screen and you wouldn't need to wear strange headgear to do so?

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