Rainbow Six 3 ships for Xbox

The first title in the Tom Clancy-based franchise made for the Microsoft console heads to stores today.

Ubisoft expanded its Tom Clancy empire further today, when Rainbow Six 3, the latest title inspired by the author's best-selling brand of techno-fiction, shipped.

The Rainbow Six series has long been a favorite of PC gamers. However, Rainbow Six 3 is an original title designed by the makers of Splinter Cell specifically for the Xbox, and features an all-new story line involving deadly intrigue between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

The tactical shooter features another squad of heavily armed special-ops soldiers whom players can issue a complex series of orders. Like its PC counterparts, R63 also features a variety of assault weapons and high-tech devices gamers can test-fire and issue to their commando team. The game also allows four-man co-op missions over a LAN and head-to-head Xbox Live contests with over a dozen other opponents.

Priced at $49.99 and rated "M" for Mature, Rainbow Six 3 is the first console version of the R6 series since the scuttled PlayStation 2 port of Rogue Spear. (A Game Boy Advance adaptation of the game was released in 2002.) PlayStation 2 and GameCube ports of the Xbox R63 are tentatively scheduled for next year.

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