Radical developing Xbox Snowboarding game

The first screenshots from and information on Radical Entertainment's snowboarding game for the Microsoft Xbox.


GameSpot brings you the first details on and screenshots from Radical Entertainment's snowboarding game for the Microsoft Xbox. Radical Entertainment bills the game as the first mission-based snowboarding title. To that end, the developers have made the game's back story relatively complex for the snowboarding genre.

In the game, players assume the role of a member of a group of rebel snowboarders who have been wrecking havoc on Mt. Garrick, once a peaceful and quiet resort. Chief O'Leary, the resident ranger at Mt.Garrick, is hiding something sinister and will keep the insurgent snowboarders off his mountain at all costs. Through the course of the game, players can free ride on the mountain and earn reputation points. Those points can then be used to unlock restricted areas. All the while, Chief O'Leary will attempt to stop the snowboarders from discovering his ominous secret.

Radical Entertainment has also developed the THQ-published MTV Sports Pure Ride for the Sony PlayStation. GameSpot will have further information on Radical Entertainment's Xbox snowboarding game as it becomes available.