Radica Introduces Handheld Motion Sensor Titles

Handheld company pushes Virtual Motion technology into new breed of handheld devices.

Radica Games Limited, a Bermuda company headquartered in Hong Kong, is using this week's Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair to introduce a quartet of handheld games that incorporate Virtual Motion Sensor technology, which causes the games to react to the movement of the game controller by the player.

In Radica's mountain-bike racing game Trail Burner, for instance, the controller is shaped in the form of handlebars. Tilt the bars to the left or right, and you steer the racer on the game's LCD screen. Pulling back the handlebars causes the racer to jump over obstacles.

Virtual Motion Sensors are also to be used in Incline Alley, an inline-skate racing game, where the controller is shaped like an inline skate; in Tracer Ace, an antiaircraft shooting game with a controller shaped like an antiaircraft gun; and in Night Vision Stealth Assault, an air combat game with a vision scope shaped like a stealth fighter.

Radica - previously best known for its Bass Fishing title (with a built-in reel) - is also introducing new soccer, fishing, casino, and NASCAR racing games at the Hong Kong fair. Radica expects all the products it is introducing this week to make it to market sometime in 1998.

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