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A new episode of Quoted for Truth this week on GameSpot!

This Weeks on Quoted for Truth

Surprise! Back from E3, the weekly video game news discussion Quoted for Truth is here to delve deep into the recent gaming events that matter most to you. Earlier this week there was an announcement made that there would be no QFT this week, but thankfully that was a simple error and there will in fact be a showing of the popular newscast. The show will not be live however, in a similar fashion to the June 1st episode, however as always John Davison, Tom McShea, and Brendan Sinclair will still be checking out the comments from GameSpot community members to fuel their discussion.

What are they talking about this week? The trials and tribulations of Prototype 2 Developer, Biowares ME3 DLC, Squares stance on a Final Fantasy VII remake, and of course much more.

Want to chime in? Feel free to tweet @jwhdavison, @TomMcShea, and @BrendanSinclair While using the hashtag #GSQFT with your thoughts, questions, and comments.

UPDATE: Here is the link to today's episode. Enjoy!

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Wow, Quoted for Truth my saying I brought to Gamespot.com back in 2005 finally in a headline...I had to say something! :P