Quake III Revolution update

EA confirms Quake III Revolution for the North American PS2 and discusses further details about the game.

Electronic Arts has officially announced Quake III Revolution for the North American PlayStation 2. The game includes a new single-player mode, which will be driven by a new storyline. According to EA, new levels will also be added to the game, but the company could not reveal specifics at this time. Although Quake III Revolution will include a four-way split-screen multiplayer mode, it will not have any online multiplayer options on the PS2. The game's developer, Bullfrog, is working closely with Id Software in its development.

"Quake III Revolution is a perfect game to showcase the power of the PlayStation 2," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO of Id Software. "Fusing the intense action and unparalleled graphics of Quake III with the PlayStation 2 allows us to extend the PC phenomenon to additional gamers with Quake III Revolution."

"EA is thrilled to enter the arena of first-person action games with a franchise as strong as Quake III," said Bruce McMillan, managing director of EA's European studios. "Quake III and the PlayStation 2 are the perfect combination to create the ultimate first-person action game on a console."

Quake III Revolution should be released in March.

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