Q&A: Game filmmaker Uwe Boll

Filmmaker specializing in game adaptations considers sex, gore, and nudity--and says bring it on.

News of German director/producer Uwe Boll turning games into films is nothing new. His House of the Dead feature was released in 2001, and he wraps Alone in the Dark shortly. He will make a two-part fantasy epic based on Dungeon Siege, for which game scenario scribe David Freedman will pen the script. Boll further solidified his association with the game industry last week when he announced plans to film a $25 million feature based on Far Cry.

Shortly after the Far Cry news was announced, GameSpot chatted with Boll about the art of turning successful games into successful movies.

GameSpot: Uwe, you seem inexorably attracted to game properties. Is it a gut feeling that moves you in that direction, or purely business? What's behind the fascination?

Uwe Boll: Games are so different. Compare Far Cry with Dungeon Siege or House of the Dead.

GS: What game properties out there are crying to be made into movies?

UB: Silent Hill, Doom, Hitman.

GS: So do you play games? What are the games which you find most compelling, most attractive?

UB: Yes. Warcraft, Hitman.

GS: Where do you get inspiration, from fictional or "real" worlds?

UB: It is a mix. It depends on the story also.

GS: Are you ever tempted to turn your back on movies and pick up the tools required to make games?

UB: In a few years maybe. To create a game is an interesting thought. Maybe to do a game together with the movie would be interesting--what was done during the Matrix shoot.

GS: Are there people in the game industry you admire? Who are they?

UB: I don't want people to blame me if I only honor a few.

GS: Why Far Cry?

UB: This game is so huge, and the developers [Crytek] are based in Germany.

GS: Have you formed any sort of strategy on the shoot?

UB: We want to do Part 2 of the game and Part 1 of the film together.

GS: What's your opinion on violence, blood-letting, or sexual themes in video games? Do you believe in imposing limits or restrictions on what a game designer puts in a game?

UB: No. I love gore, suspense, nudity, sex.

GS: Thanks, Uwe.

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Let's thank god that Boll did NOT get rights to all three of these movies he mentioned and one of them turned out to be one of the best made video game movie adaptations (Silent Hill) and the other looks like it has the potential (Hitman): "GS: What game properties out there are crying to be made into movies? UB: Silent Hill, Doom, Hitman."


IMHO he needs to go back to school and learn how to talk in complete sentences.


I hope he gets banned from the movie-making industry... -Ghost


I dont think this guy can string much of a sentence together. Its all short and crappy answers, god he sucks. I dont call "Its So Huge" a valid reason to copy a game and make it into a film, this guy is all about trying to make money, he has no design initiative and creativness, and rellys on other people to practically make the film for him. Hell, Final Fantasy: The Spirits within was a better film than any of his put together, at least it wasnt copied from a previouse FF game and braught something new to the Movie sceene (Full 3D actors)


LMAO THIS IS THE BEST INTERVIEW IN THE WORLD!!!!!1111 and i was the first so that makes ME KING!!!!!