Psychonauts now on PS2

Majesco's action game lands on Sony's console; joins PC and Xbox version in retail.

Psychonauts, the first game from Double Fine Productions, which was founded in 2000 by industry veteran Tim Schafer, has finally landed on the PlayStation 2. Psychonauts was previously released in April on the PC and Xbox. The platformer takes place in a summer camp for the paranormally gifted. Gamers will get in the mind-set of Raz, a young psychic who must unveil the secrets behind a rash of strange occurrences. After ending a partnership with initial publisher Microsoft, Majesco picked up Psychonauts, allowing Double Fine to announce a PS2 version. However, the developer announced that the PS2 version, which got a late start in development, would not make a simultaneous release with the other versions because of the game's scope.

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