PS4 system update 1.62 released, but what does it actually do?

336MB PS4 download boasts of improved operation quality, whatever that means.


Sony has released PlayStation 4 system update 1.62 into the wild.

It's a 336MB patch, which will beam down the magical Internet pipes into your machine via a system update.

What does update 1.62 do, then? "Operation quality during use of some PlayStation 4 format software has been improved," says Sony. Just in time for inFamous: Second Son!

PS4 users are still waiting for some features, such as the suspend/resume functionality that was originally unveiled alongside the console but did not make it into the machine for launch. Many of the oft-requested PS4 features have been collated by Player Feedback.

Microsoft, meanwhile, announced their next Xbox One system update in an altogether clearer and more verbose manner.

Sony revealed earlier this month that global sales of the PlayStation 4 have now reached 6 million. That's six million PS4's that can now boast increased operational quality during the use of some PlayStation 4 format software, then.

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