PS4 racer DriveClub gets eight new screenshots

Realistic PlayStation 4 racer shown off in new close-up screenshots.


Eight new screenshots of MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios' DriveClub have emerged.

The close-up screenshots (via All Games Beta) of the PlayStation 4 exclusive racer show off the game's car models, lighting engine, and cockpit views. Multiple car types are featured, and manufacturers Audi and Mercedes Benz are prominently displayed.

DriveClub was unveiled alongside the PlayStation 4 in February. The game's aim, according to Evolution Studios, is to make a realistic, connected racer with multiplayer and asynchronous play.

DriveClub currently has no release date. Sony this week announced its other realism-focused racer, Gran Turismo 6, for the PlayStation 3--but hinted to GameSpot that there are already plans in place to bring it to PlayStation 4 in the future.

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