PS3 hack opens up console library on PS Vita

Online video exhibits way in which to play ostensibly entire PS3 library on Sony's soon-to-be-released new portable.

When the PlayStation Vita hits store shelves in the West next month, gamers may have an even bigger selection of games to play than Sony intended. Today, videos have surfaced online showing a way in which PS Vita owners can use their PlayStation 3's Remote Play functionality to stream ostensibly any game onto their portable device.

As reported by Eurogamer, the feat is performed by way of a hack to the PlayStation 3's firmware. Users must jailbreak their PS3s and then install firmware v3.55. In this version of the PS3's operating system, the PS Vita is regarded as a mobile phone. A full explanation of the workaround can be found in the Spanish-language video, below.

This image of Red Dead Redemption running on PS Vita shouldn't exist.

The PS Vita's compatibility update with the PS3, better known as firmware 4.0, arrived during the first week of December. In addition to Remote Play functionality, the update allowed PS3 owners to copy content such as games and music to their PS Vitas.

Sony had not responded to a request for comment on the matter as of press time.

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