PS2 price drop, new colors for Japan

[UPDATE] Sony announces that it will cut the price of its PlayStation 2 console in Japan by around 20 percent later this month.

Sony Computer Entertainment has today announced that it will cut the price of its PlayStation 2 console in Japan from 25,000 yen (US$227) to 19,800 yen (US$180). PS2 consoles that come packaged with the broadband adaptor will drop their price as well, from the current price of 35,000 yen ($319) down to 29,800 yen ($271). The price drop, which is the second for the PS2 in Japan this year, will take effect on November 13 and will make Microsoft's Xbox the most expensive console in the region.

"We are hoping that the price cut will boost sales of PlayStations and their software," said Nanako Kato of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. "We are expecting strong demand for our products during the year-end shopping season."

Sony is also tweaking the PS2's casing color. While the default body color of the PlayStation 2 has been solid black since its first release, Sony said it would switch to a semi-transparent, black body concurrent with the price drop. The new color is being referred to as Midnight Black. Sony will produce the analog controller and a horizontal stand in the same color.

In related news, SCE also said it would be releasing two limited-edition PS2s as tie-ins to upcoming titles: a gold-colored console (shown, above) will be released in conjunction with Capcom's Mobile Suit Gundam Z: AEUG vs. Titans. That package will include a console, two gold-colored analog controllers, a specially designed horizontal stand, a blue, Gundam Z 8MB memory card, and the game. The package is scheduled to be released on December 4 at the price of 35,000 yen ($319) in Japan.

The other holiday package due to Japanese retailers on December 4 will include a white PlayStation2 console and the Gran Turismo 4: Prologue Edition. The Ceramic White PlayStation 2 console was originally showcased at Sony’s booth at the Tokyo Game Show last year. The 22,000 yen ($200) package will come with the white console, one white analog controller, and the Gran Turismo 4: Prologue Edition game. Additional peripherals for this special edition PS2, such as the horizontal stand and memory card, will be sold separately.

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