PS Vita release date outed? - UK Retail Radar offers PlayStation Vita preorders for release on November 4; Sony denies releasing any information to retailers.


Two weeks ago, Sony confirmed that the next-generation PlayStation Portable was to be called the PlayStation Vita and that it would "successively launch in [the] global market starting [at] the end of 2011." While Sony did not confirm which region (or regions) would see the handheld this year, UK retailer seems to be betting Europe is among them. showing a November 4 release date for the PS Vita.

It has posted a release date of November 4, as shown in inset screenshot and has claimed that that date is "from Sony," rather than simply a placeholder. Responding to this claim, Sony told GameSpot UK that "no one has communicated any release dates to retail partners. That date is not official as we [Sony Computer Entertainment UK] haven't announced anything yet."

Shopto has, however, also listed a rather unlikely looking range of Vita launch titles, including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, BioShock, Little Big Planet, Killzone, Resistance, Ruin, ModNation Racers, and Street Fighter X Tekken, which are all also being offered for preorder for the same date as the new console. The retailer has said that the above software will have a recommended price of £39.99 ($65); the Wi-Fi and 3G versions of the handheld have recommended retail prices of £229.00 ($370) and £279.99 ($451), respectively. The two units will retail for $250 and $300--before sales tax--respectively in the United States.

Check out GameSpot's full rundown of the Vita for more on what to expect from the handheld. Hands-on footage of the Vita can also be viewed through GameSpot's Tonight on the Spot broadcast.


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