Prototype 2 Challenge

Time to turn your achievements and trophies into cash!

Hello Prototype 2 fans!

Check out the Prototype 2 Elite Club challenge. The contest will run from May 10 - 24. Participants need to complete all 10 Xbox 360 achievements or all 10 PlayStation 3 trophies on one platform to be eligible for a prize.

Prizes: 1 Grand Prize: $500 gift card
10 Runner-Up Prizes: Prototype 2 Blackwatch Collector's Edition

Winners will be chosen at random from the pool of entrants at the end of the contest.

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So, two platforms for console kiddies to win an M game. Fail....


aww! wish I could have some money to buy this game...

kitty moderator

Now I need to get this game. Would be glad to participate in something like this. :P