Project Spark does not require Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft confirms Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows 8 game will be free on all platforms.

Microsoft's game-building tool Project Spark will not require an Xbox Live Gold subscription, the company confirmed in the Xbox One Reddit forum this week (via Polygon).

"You do not need an Xbox Live Gold account to play Project Spark," community manager Mike Lescault said. "You will not need a Gold subscription to play Project Spark for free on any platform."

Project Spark was announced for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows 8 during Microsoft's Electronic Entertainment Expo briefing in June. A beta for the game will begin on PC this month and on Xbox One in January 2014.

At Gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany this summer, Microsoft announced new voice and motion capture features for Project Spark.

Creators can record their face and apply it to an in-game character, as well as perform a full-body motion attack or gesture and have it replicated in the game. Users can also record audio--including their own voices--and then modulate it in a "variety of ways."

For more on Project Spark, check out GameSpot's preview.


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