Project Gotham Racing 2 to bundle music sampler

Preorder initiative offers a music CD with screenshots, a trailer, and a Windows Media Player skin.

Microsoft Game Studios announced that players who preorder Project Gotham Racing 2 at EB Games and GameStop will receive a free music sampler CD-ROM, featuring 10 songs from the game's soundtrack. The disc also includes a PGR 2-themed Windows Media Player skin, along with screens from and a trailer for the game.

The tracks on the bonus disc include:

  • Authority Zero - "A Passage In Time"
  • The Dubnicks - "Note To Self"
  • The Girls - "Nobody"
  • DJ? Acucrack - "Renegade DJ"
  • Lila - "Just One Push"
  • Accidental Superhero - "Hold On"
  • Allister - "Flypaper"
  • Clawfinger - "Two Steps Away"
  • Young Blaze Featuring April - "Fast Lane"
  • X Comes Now - "No Return"
Project Gotham Racing 2, developed by Bizarre Creations, is due stateside in mid-November. Click here for previous coverage.

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