Professor Layton and the Lost Fortune dated for Oz

The third game in Nintendo's popular puzzle solving series gets set to arrive on October 21.

An interesting mystery and clever puzzles have been the basic mechanics behind the critically acclaimed Professor Layton series. Continuing with this winning formula is the latest game in the franchise--Professor Layton and the Lost Fortune--which has just been given the green light for release in Australia on October 21.

This time around, Professor Layton and Luke must solve a mystery that spans multiple dimensions. After being teleported 10 years into the future, Professor Layton and Luke find that London has taken a turn for the worse and it's up to them to figure out how to fix it.

One interesting new feature that is being added this time around is called super hint. The super hint costs two coins and opens up only after the player has exhausted all other puzzle clues, but be warned: The super hint pretty much gives away the solution. Three new minigames have also been added to the game.

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It's about time this came out


I thought it was called "the lost future" not "the lost fortune". Sort it out James Kozanecki! :oD