Pro Race Driver update

Codemasters releases new information on its story-driven racer.

Codemasters has released some new details on Pro Race Driver, its upcoming driving game for PlayStation 2. The game will feature 38 real-world tracks spread out over several areas. Players will be able to race in famous locations such as Sears Point, Bristol Speedway, Las Vegas, Monza, Fuji, and Nurburgring. There will also be more than 42 cars from various manufacturers, including Toyota, Chevrolet, Lotus, Ford, Opel, Mercedes, Saab, Audi, Subaru, Alfa Romeo, and Mitsubishi. Codemasters also plans to incorporate 13 championships, ranging from a TOCA tour to the Lola World Championship.

We'll have more on Pro Race Driver before its June release.

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Pro Race Driver

Pro Race Driver