Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Time Powers Spotlight

We take a look at the powers the prince must use to survive his upcoming multiplatform adventure.

Ubisoft's upcoming Prince of Persia: Warrior Within puts the game's title character in all manner of jeopardy. Hordes of murderous creatures and the threat of impending death aren't what you'd expect a royal to have to deal with, but such is the case for Ubi's prince. To be fair, he did stir up a healthy dose of trouble in last year's game, but he managed to clean up that mess, mostly. This year's game finds our boy back to deal with even bigger trouble than before, but fortunately he has some of the following time-power tricks up his sleeves.

Time Travel

In special places called "warp rooms," the prince can use his powers to travel through time to a distant past and then return to the present. Laws of cause and effect can help him progress in the present by altering the past.


Using this power, the prince can rewind time to cancel any mistake or avoid any attack. Once he has rewound, he can redo the actions he missed. The power timer displays how much time the prince can rewind.

Fans of The Sands of Time will fondly remember the recall power as the one that let you freely experiment with the many puzzles found in the environment without worrying too much about making a misstep. That freedom of exploration should hold in Warrior Within.

Eye of the Storm

The prince is able to slow down time as he continues to move at normal speed. This allows him to defy time-limited traps and fight his enemies while they are slow and helpless. Tap the L1 button to use this attack during a fight.

Many of Warrior Within's time powers, particularly this time-slowing one, will be more useful in combat than in The Sands of Time. The new sequel is more focused on combat, so

Breath of Fate

This is a strong ground attack that hurts several enemies simultaneously.

Wind of Fate

This is an even stronger ground attack that hurts several enemies simultaneously.

Cyclone of Fate

This is the strongest of the three ground attacks, causing serious damage to several enemies simultaneously. These ground attacks must be timed carefully, since they can be interrupted before being unleashed if the prince is attacked.

Ravages of Time

This is a light-speed attack that instantly kills most enemies. The Ravages of Time will let the prince attack with blinding speed for a short period.

Check out a brand new movie of the prince's time powers in action on our media page.

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