Pre-TGS: First look: Phase Paradox

The world of Philosoma thrives in Sony Computer's action-adventure title for the PS2.

Remember Philosoma, the 3D shooting title from the early days of the PlayStation? It's finally making a comeback in a different genre. Sony Computer Entertainment plans to release Phase Paradox, an action-adventure title for the PlayStation2, later this May.

The game takes place after the end of Philosoma, inside the spacecraft Gallant. Three playable characters--Rene Han, a captain of the Wyvern force; Jude Satcliff, first lieutenant of the damage control team; and Aira Hoivelouden, a bio lab scientist--from different time frames and different places solve mysteries from each character's perspective. Once they all meet at a certain point in the game, the mysteries begin to unfold. As opposed to the theme of humans vs. aliens or zombies in most of the recent action-adventure games in the genre, this game is about human interaction, trust, and deceit.

Phase Paradox uses a simple control scheme. The analog stick is used to move a player's characters in the field as well as for making selectionswhile the circle and X buttons are used to perform certain actions.

Phase Paradox for the PlayStation2 is scheduled for a Japan release on May 24.

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Phase Paradox