Pre-ECTS: Soul Reaver II

The ECTS show is yet to start, but we got our hands on the first PlayStation 2 screenshots of Soul Reaver II.

The cliffhanger ending to the original Soul Reaver left plenty of room for Crystal Dynamics to return with a sequel. Soul Reaver II takes Razeal back in time to discover his origins and uncover the mysteries behind the fall of the vampire clans and the destruction of Nosgoth. According to the game's publisher Eidos, the PlayStation 2 version of the game will attempt to take full advantage of the hardware's power - it will incorporate detailed texture maps and display greater polygons per onscreen character. Judging from the screenshots from the PlayStation 2 version, Crystal Dynamics is well on its way to achieving those lofty goals with the sequel. Even at this early stage, the massive world of Nosgoth and its environments are represented with impressive detail.

Soul Reaver II for the PS2 will be released in early 2001.

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