Postgame plans for Valkyria Chronicles 3 in Japan

Sega to add in more episodes and short missions for strategy game.


There apparently is some life left in Sega's third installment in the Valkyria Chronicles series even after its release in Japan on January 27, with Sega confirming the release of more downloadable episodes and extra missions for the game.

From a recent Siliconera post, the newest episode will be dubbed The Restless and will feature the game's main characters, Kurt and Imca. They are given the task to clear the snowy area of enemy troops. Said episode will also add in story details and cutscenes. Gamers will get a new sword to equip for completing it.

Imca strolling around the icy mountains of the upcoming episode.

One extra mission that's confirmed from Sega is called Disciplinary Mission: Block Their Way, where gamers have to stop an army using antitank weapons. Completing the mission will result in players getting a blue ribbon item that boosts evasion.

The extra episodes will cost 600 yen, while the missions are 200 yen. The Restless episode will be out on February 24, while the extra mission will come out on March 3. Currently, the Secret of Her Powers episode and the Disciplinary Mission: Viper's Fang mission are available.

For a hands-on preview of the game at last year's Tokyo Game Show, click here.



I also woould like to see a US release date. I hope IV will be on the PS3, or at least on the NGP.


Good to see they're still supporting this game. Now maybe it's time to return to consoles.


So any news on a us release date?