Portal 2 Tests of the Week - Companion Cubes and Energy Orbs

Guy's devilish puzzle goes up against Jake's companion cube chaos while Jane presides over all.

This week Jake offes up a salute to his loyal polygonal friend, Guy brings some platforming trickery and we get a bouncy chessboard bonus!

Download this week's tests from the Steam Workshop:

Journey into a companion cube by the cake is a lie!

The twentieth chamber by T4auron

Aperture Science Chess Simulator by lisacgood

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I actually did the journey into a companion cube the other day so it's actually a little funny to see it here.


I am really considering buying a PC just so I can play all the user created tests, I can't get enough of the new trials tracks on xbox.


That Cube movie (Cube, and Cube 2 Hypercube).  They're both so awful yet I really enjoyed watching them.  Weird movies.  


Cool levels guys.  Good job.