Portable Orbital

Publisher announces four new titles for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance and DS handhelds.

After making a splash on the Game Boy Advance with the well-received Racing Gears Advance, Orbital Media has announced plans to return to the portable market with four new titles for the DS and GBA.

The company's original hit gets a sequel for the GBA and DS in Racing Gears 2 and will be joined by a trio of action adventures in the tactically slanted Pirate Battle (both systems), the sci-fi-themed action adventure Scurge: Hive (also both systems), and the cartoonlike GBA-exclusive Juka and the Monophonic Menace.

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Racing Gears 2

Racing Gears 2




looks awesome, but this game was announced how long ago? back when GBA was still on? so, this game probably canceled out? F%$#!!!