Pokémon Sneak Peek Tour

Pokémon Gold and Silver carts to tour the US.

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Version

Starting Labor Day weekend, fans of Pokémon will be able to get a small preview of Nintendo's upcoming Game Boy Color games. The Gold and Silver cartridges, which feature dozens of new Pokémon, are going to be packed into five Chrysler PT Cruisers that have been customized to look like the mythical new Pokémon, Lugia. The tour will start in St. Louis, Mo., and end in Fort Knox, Ky., where hundreds of fans are expected to gather for a party to celebrate the games' arrival.

Pikachu will arrive at Fort Knox accompanied by armed guards to officially deliver the first copies of Pokémon Gold and Silver to US fans. So-called Pokémaniacs can log on to pokemon.com to learn the current promotional locations and cast a vote for an additional tour city in each region.

"As the legendary new Pokémon Lugia sweeps across the nation, anticipation for these upcoming blockbuster titles will create an unprecedented stir among the millions of Poké-fans," said Gail Tilden, Nintendo's vice president of product acquisition and development. "We expect the launch of Pokémon Gold and Silver to be one of the most significant events in the history of interactive entertainment."

The two games will retail for US$34.95 each.

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