Pokemon X/Y 2DS bundles launching December 6

$150 bundles coming to United States retailers Target and Toys R Us this week.


Pokemon X / Y

Nintendo today announced two new $150 Pokemon X/Y 2DS bundles that will arrive at Target and Toys R Us locations across the United States starting on December 6.

Target will offer the Pokemon X 2DS bundle with a pre-installed copy of the game and a red system. Meanwhile, Toys R Us will stock a blue Pokemon Y 2DS bundle featuring a pre-installed copy of the role-playing game.

The Nintendo 2DS retails for $130, while Pokemon X/Y sells for $40, meaning shoppers are saving $20 by purchasing the bundle. Nintendo sold more than 4 million copies of Pokemon X/Y within 48 hours of the game's release in October, and 2 million combined copies have been sold to date in North America.

Nintendo originally launched the Nintendo 2DS on October 12 alongside Pokemon X/Y. The system plays all Nintendo 3DS games (but not in 3D) and is backwards compatible with Nintendo DS titles.

Shoppers in the United States have a variety of options for Nintendo portables this holiday season. In addition to the new Pokemon X/Y bundle, Nintendo is offering 3DS bundles for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

For more on Pokemon X/Y, check out GameSpot's review.

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