PlayStation Vita launching in Japan December 17

TGS 2011: Sony devotes media briefing to new handheld; 26 titles due at launch, including Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Lord of Apocalypse.

Last night, Nintendo kicked off Tokyo Game Show week with a press conference devoted almost exclusively to the 3DS. Among the highlights were the announcements of two Monster Hunter games for the glasses-free 3D handheld, the first portable installments in the series to venture beyond Sony's PSP.

Expect Sony to say maybe just a few things about the PlayStation 3.

Tonight, Sony gets a chance to fire back and show off its own upcoming lineup of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita titles. While the company hasn't given much insight into the exact games to be featured in tonight's media briefing, it has revealed a list of games to spearhead its TGS show floor setup.

While Team Ico's The Last Guardian was notably absent from the list, it did feature anticipated PS3 games like Uncharted 3, Dragon's Dogma, Ninja Gaiden 3, and Battlefield 3. And for portable fans, the Vita will have a lineup of 18 games on display at TGS, including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Hot Shots Golf Next, Dynasty Warriors Next, Ridge Racer, and a new Katamari Damacy game for the Vita that will, according to Japanese gaming news site Andria Sang, use the Vita's touch screen to implement a new extend feature.

Sony Japan also announced two new PlayStation 3 colours: Splash Blue and Scarlet Red. The new 320 GB variations of the PS3 are for Japan only at this stage and are due out on November 17 priced at 29,800 yen ($387.70).

[UPDATE] According to a new Andria Sang report, Sony expects the PS Vita to play games for only three to five hours on one charge. This estimate was measured with the screen at factory setting, Bluetooth off, and without the use of any network features. For multimedia functionality, the system will get five hours of video playback and nine hours of music playback when in standby mode. Also according to the report, charging the Vita's battery from an empty state will take 2 hours and 40 minutes.

The full list of the Vita's 26 launch titles is below.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend (Arc System Works)
Project NOELS (Arc System Works)
Browser Sangokushi Touch Battle (AQ Interactive)
Fish On (Kadokawa Games)
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Capcom)
Dynasty Warriors Next (Tecmo Koei)
F1 2011 (Codemasters)
Army Corps of Hell (Square Enix)
Lord of Apocalypse (Square Enix)
Shinobido 2 (Spike)
Power Smash 4 (Sega)
Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Sony)
Sawari Ma Kuru (Sony)
Minna to Issho (Sony)
Hot Shots Golf 6 (Sony)
Yuusha no Kiroku (A lifestyle application from Sony)
Monster Radar (A location-based application from Sony)
@field (Sonic Powered)
Shin Kamaitachi no Yoru (ChunSoft)
Dream Club Zero Portable (D3 Publisher)
Nico Nico (Dwango)
Disgaea 3 Return (Nippon Ichi)
Katamari Damacy No Vita (Namco Bandai)
Ridge Racer (Namco Bandai)
Dark Quest (Ubisoft)
Michael Jackson The Experience (Ubisoft)

[9:06] Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's Hiroshi Kawano takes to the stage.

[9:06] This press conference will focus on the Japanese market, including strategy and plans, he says.

[9:08] Kawano is now introducing Andrew House, president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment.

[9:08] House is now greeting the audience and welcoming everyone. House joined Sony in 1995. He says he is excited about the PlayStation Vita.

[9:09] House says the PSP and PS3 have been performing well since the prices of the hardware were dropped.

[9:09] He says Sony will stay committed to its users. House then leaves the stage, and Kawano takes over again.

[9:10] Kawano says it's time to move on to the topic of the conference. He says in the last year, the PlayStation has made a great leap forward. As of June 2011, 51.8 million PS3 units have been sold across the world. Since last year's TGS, Sony's market share has been 49 percent for hardware, and 46 percent for software in Japan.

[9:12] Kawano now says the PS3 will have two new colours: blue and red. He also said the PSP has sold 71.4 million units worldwide through June 2011.

[9:12] Since Tokyo Game Show 2010, the PSP has a 43 percent market share for hardware and a 49 percent market share for software.

[9:13] He then introduces a new PSP colour: red and black!

[9:13] Kawano notes that more and more female gamers are attracted to the PSP.

[9:13] Kawano thanks users for their continued support.

[9:13] He's now talking about the PSN breach earlier this year, saying that he regrets what happened.

[9:14] However, PSN business is back to normal, he says, and he is appreciative of PSN users for their support.

[9:15] He's now outlining Sony's growth strategy, saying the PS Vita will play an important role in this.

[9:15] Now we're ready to talk about the PS Vita!

[9:15] Kawano says the PS Vita will join the PlayStation family as its new member.

[9:15] However, smartphones are changing the way people play games, as are casual and social platforms and titles.

[9:15] This diversity of playing styles means the user base for gaming is widening.

[9:16] As the gaming user base is expanding, this is leading to more unique gaming experiences--from core to casual.

[9:16] He then introduces a sizzle reel for the PS Vita.

[9:17] It's a man unboxing a Vita, followed by some whimsical music.

[9:18] Now on to some gameplay footage, as the video shows the console friend networking services and social games.

[9:18] Not much substance, but a good deal of hype in that one.

[9:18] Kawano is back onstage now.

[9:19] 3DS price reduction be damned, the PS Vita prices will remain as what was previously announced.

[9:19] Kawano notes that Sony didn't receive much of a negative reaction after the system's price was announced.

[9:20] We have a Japanese launch date! December 17, 2011.

[9:20] This release date will be a strategic move to come out before the holiday season.

[9:21] Kawano says Sony has communicated with its users through its community site and now wants to address some issues raised.

[9:21] He says that with the launch date now settled, the next point to discuss is the features of the 3G model of the Vita.

[9:22] With AT&T named the US carrier, the PS Vita will use NTT DOCOMO as its 3G carrier partner in Japan.

[9:22] Kawano now announces Tsujimura from NTT Docomo to talk about the partnership.

[9:24] Tsujimura says he is excited about the partnership and has great expectations for the Vita. His company will launch unique plans especially for the PS Vita--a prepaid data plan is in the works.

[9:25] NTT Docomo will release two prepaid data plans: a 20-hour prepaid data plan for 980 yen and a 100-hour prepaid data plan for 4,980 yen.

[9:25] The PS Vita will be the first application for these plans.

[9:27] Tsujimura says there are three potential plans for the Vita: a 3G network, a cloud network, and a smartphone/tablet network.

[9:27] This will ensure that the console will allow for casual gamers to enjoy the social aspects of the console and will allow Japanese users to communicate with non-Japanese-speaking users.

[9:28] Tsujimura is now leaving the stage.

[9:29] Kawano says that the smartphone market will not be competing with the PS Vita; instead, Sony has chosen to collaborate with the market through its partnership with NTT Docomo.

[9:30] Now Kawano is going to get some PS Vita action himself; someone has brought him a console and he's going to play it onstage.

[9:31] Kawano's goal here is to demonstrate how the PS Vita works in more detail.

[9:31] He says he's now going to show us how to connect the console to a 3G network.

[9:31] So he's trying to start the console…but it's not working. Riveting live demo!

[9:32] Take two! And it appears as if it's now working. Hooray!

[9:32] The startup screen will ask users to select a language and time zone, as well as input the date and time.

[9:32] Stop us if you've seen this before.

[9:32] The console will then search for a 3G network automatically.

[9:33] The console has found a network and will now proceed to ask users for their PSN account details.

[9:33] Users will then be asked to input their location and date of birth.

[9:34] That's it for the demonstration. Kawano has given the Vita back. Thank god that just happened.

[9:34] He now says Sony wanted to provide an easier user experience.

[9:36] He's now introducing Kenjo Akiyama from the development department from Sony Japan.

[9:36] Akiyama takes to the stage with a PS Vita in hand.

[9:36] He will demonstrate some of the console's applications.

[9:36] The home screen of his demo unit shows a customised background.

[9:36] The home screen will have customisation options to choose which applications you have on the home screen.

[9:37] Akiyama is now playing some videos on the Vita: a trailer for Amazing Spiderman and a Japanese video clip.

[9:37] Also, an adorable corgi.

[9:37] He's now playing some J-pop! Yeah!

[9:38] Users will be able to multitask on the PS Vita. For example, users can look at photos while listening to music.

[9:38] Users will be able to "peel" the applications to terminate them.

[9:39] Welcome Park is a tutorial application that will feature five different applications to teach users how to use the PS Vita.

[9:39] Applications include minigames designed to teach users how to use the touch panel, camera, and other elements.

[9:40] Akiyama is now demonstrating a photo puzzle, which is one of the five Welcome Park applications.

[9:41] Good-bye Welcome Park! The demonstration has ended.

[9:41] Akiyama is now talking about the Near application, which is the location service of the console.

[9:41] He's now talking about the PS Vita's browser.

[9:41] Data can be interchanged with the PS3 or PC using a USB cable.

[9:42] The friend functionality can be accessed through existing PSN accounts, meaning PS Vita users can communicate and play with their existing friends. Trophy information can also be shared.

[9:43] Social networking services on the Vita include Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and FourSquare.

[9:43] So, while users play a game they can use Twitter or Facebook to send updates and then resume playing.

[9:43] Akiyama now leaves the stage.

[9:43] Kawano is back, and he's armed with a PS Vita. Unfortunately, all he's doing is running through the console's features again.

[9:45] Oh thank god…Kawano is now going to talk about software!

[9:45] He says the PS Vita has challenged many Japanese game developers.

[9:46] Some people say the Japanese gaming industry is lacking energy, but Kawano believes the game industry can revitalise the Japanese economy.

[9:46] Kawano believes the gaming industry needs creative minds to make new experiences.

[9:47] He says a lot of those minds are in Japan.

[9:47] One of those minds? Yoshinori Ono. The Capcom developer takes to the stage.

[9:47] Ono says people expect him to talk about Street Fighter X Tekken.

[9:47] But today, Ono will talk about something different.

[9:48] New announcement: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for the PS Vita, and it will be a launch title.

[9:49] The game will feature the same content from the PS3 version of the game.

[9:49] PS Vita users will be able to play UMVC3 with others across the world through the console's network.

[9:50] The game will use the console's touch pad and the Near application.

[9:51] Ono is now saying that Sony told him not to talk too long about Capcom stuff, so he's going to try to move on.

[9:51] He says the future of fighting games is strong.

[9:52] He says he never expected the PS Vita to revitalise the fighting genre, but both Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken will be great on the handheld because it can do things that other devices cannot.

[9:52] Ono says community is important; the Vita's ability to connect to social networks through 3G and Wi-Fi is really the key.

[9:53] This means the fighting game community around the world will be broadened and extended.

[9:53] Ono is now pointing to some very confusing graphs, the gist of which seems to be: Connectivity = Win.

[9:54] Ono wants to get us even more excited! One tip: Less crazy graphs, more gameplay footage.

[9:54] He closes by saying that both Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom for the PS Vita and Street Fighter X Tekken for the PS3 will be available for play at TGS tomorrow.

[9:55] Kawano is back, and he appears to be quizzing Ono on what kind of PSN profile he has.

[9:56] Ono is now playing a video to demonstrate the community aspects of the game.

[9:56] Say what? The cat from Monster Hunter is in Street Fighter X Tekken?

[9:56] Toro and Kuro will participate in Street Fighter X Tekken for the PS Vita.

[9:57] Something that users requested, apparently!

[9:57] Ono departs, and Shinji Hashimoto from Square Enix takes the stage.

[9:58] Hashimoto says Square Enix is developing two titles for the PS Vita. The first one is Lord of Apocalypse, an action role-playing game that will also be a launch title for the PS Vita.

[9:59] The second title is Army Corps of Hell, a new horror title featuring what appears to be lots and lots of goblins and in-game items. It's also a launch title for the PS Vita.

[10:00] Now we're talking about Final Fantasy Type 0, which will launch on October 27.

[10:00] Hashimoto also confirms that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will launch in Japan this December.

[10:01] Final Fantasy has sold more than 100 million copies around the world, Hashimoto says.

[10:01] He says it's a title that represents Square Enix around the world.

[10:01] Now he's talking about a new 10th-anniversary installment in the series.

[10:01] Final Fantasy X will be remade in HD for the PS Vita and PS3.

[10:03] Unfortunately, Hashimoto says there's no launch date yet for Final Fantasy X for the PS Vita and PS3.

[10:03] He says he's sorry he could not show us anything from FFX, but soon, soon!

[10:04] Hashimoto has left, and Konami's Hideo Kojima takes the stage.

[10:06] Kojima is talking about transfarring, which was first mentioned at E3. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD edition for the PS3 will be launched in November 2011, and it will make use of the transfarring ability of transferring data from PS3 to PSP.

[10:07] Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 HD edition, created for the PS2, will be able to be transferred to the PS Vita.

[10:07] To be launched in 2012.

[10:08] Oh look, Zone of the Enders on the PS Vita in 2012.

[10:08] It's the same ZOE HD update announced at E3.

[10:10] Kojima says the Fox engine is now being developed for the PS3 and Vita. Kojima is saying he's working on something but he can't talk about it just yet. He wants us to wait.

[10:10] Hideo, you tease.

[10:10] Kojima says it might take a while before he can reveal anything.

[10:11] He says it's his own title; he did the design and supervision.

[10:11] Kojima says he was impressed by the Vita's social and casual features, but he loves core games and he says the Vita is the only portable device that is for core gamers.

[10:12] He says he has high expectations for Vita.

[10:12] And that's it for Kojima!

[10:13] Producer Masami Yamamoto from Sony now takes to the stage to talk about more PS Vita software.

[10:14] He talks briefly about Golf 6: Everybody's Golf.

[10:16] Tittles using networking capability include a new title, Yuusha no Kiroku, focusing on day-to-day scheduling.

[10:16] It involves something about monsters, dungeons, and paying the rent!

[10:17] The next title is called Friend Network, a title focusing on using PSN friends functionality integration.

[10:17] Online users are connected, and the point is to have as many friends as possible.

[10:20] Seiji Sugimoto from Niwango now takes to the stage.

[10:22] He's talking about NicoNico Douga, which is a popular video sharing network in Japan. Looks like it's coming to the Vita in Japan only, so don't worry yourselves too much about this one.

[10:26] As soon as someone says something that doesn't involve the word NicoNico, we'll let you know.

[10:27] Exciting news: Seiji Sugimoto has finally left the stage.

[10:28] Kawano is now back, talking about the challenge for Sony to combine gaming and network connectivity on the Vita.

[10:29] OK, so now it's on to launch software, all 26 titles.

[10:29] Dark Quest, Ridge Racer, Dream Club, a whole bunch of Japanese titles that elude the comprehension of this reporter.

[10:31] Gravity Daze, Metal Gear Solid HD Edition, FIFA, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Raymon Origins.

[10:31] 100 more titles in the works for the Vita.

[10:32] Of these 100, we can't really see that many because they're all in Japanese!

[10:32] The last point Kawano is going to talk about is PSP title support on the Vita.

[10:32] He says there will be as many as 600 PSP titles available to play on the Vita.

PS Vita's launch lineup, in picture form.

[10:33] He says the Vita has no UMD slot, but as long as users have the software for the UMD version… Sony is going to announce some official plans surrounding this in the near future.

[10:33] Kawano is now recapping the news from the conference.

[10:34] Kawano says that for the first 500 units of the PS Vita sold, the 100-hour prepaid plan will be free.

[10:34] In Japan, obviously.

[10:35] Preorders for the Vita will begin October 15 in Japan.

[10:36] The Tokyo Game Show will have more than 80 Vita consoles on hand, with 31 titles to play.

[10:37] Kawano is now talking about a Japanese road show for the Vita, which will take place in November.

[10:37] And that's it!

[10:38] Check back with GameSpot for more coverage from the 2011 Tokyo Game Show!

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@shadowhunter0 said: @blackace actaully uncharted on the vita is going to be a brand new game in the series same with resistance and LBP is different on the psp and ps3 this is including the lvls and it is going to be the same on the vita lbp vita is going to have its own new lvls and new ways to play and I'm pretty sure it is the same for the other games granted that some of them will be a remakes and the vita already has original games announced for it also you can't play your ps3 on the go like you can with the vita and there has been a monster hunter game announce for the vita they announced it back when they first announce the vita ************************************************************************************** What I'm saying is that they are not original games. It's just more of the same, only on a smaller scale. Sony is doing a lot of remakes for the PSVita like FFX or new versions of older games like Everyone Golf, Ninja Gaiden, Ridge Racer, MGS, Fifa, Rayman, etc.. I don't believe there will be 600 titles anytime soon for the PSVita. Maybe 2-3 years after it launches. Sony loves to exaggerate their products and outlook for the future.


@blackace actaully uncharted on the vita is going to be a brand new game in the series same with resistance and LBP is different on the psp and ps3 this is including the lvls and it is going to be the same on the vita lbp vita is going to have its own new lvls and new ways to play and I'm pretty sure it is the same for the other games granted that some of them will be a remakes and the vita already has original games announced for it also you can't play your ps3 on the go like you can with the vita and there has been a monster hunter game announce for the vita they announced it back when they first announce the vita proof there is even a video of them playing a monster hunter game on the vita


@shadowhunter0 said: @blackace that is actually about the battery life on the psp it isn't meant to played like a ps3 it is meant to be played in short burst and when I'm home and play on my psp go I have it plugged in and even then I'm only on it at max 2 hours most of them time though is usually less than 30mins unless I'm just using it to listen to music or a podcast I for one am buying 3g one day one once it gets release in the US and those launch titles are way better than what is on and has been announce for 3ds hell the only good titles so far that I have seen for the 3ds is mgs snake eater which I already own a better version off and the monster hunter games which there will better versions of that game on the vita. ******************************************************************************* Monster Hunter isn't being released for the Vita. The majority of the Vita titles on the list are just copies of the same game on the PS3. UC3, Infamous, LBP, BlazBlue, Hot Shots Golf, Ridge Racer, Disgaea 3 Return, Dynasty Warriors Next, Marvel -vs Capcom 3, etc.. are all better on the PS3. At least half the titles on the list will be released in Japan only. Sure they will have some original games as time goes by, but there's nothing on it at launch that I want that's not already on the PS3.


@Chico_Azteca the titles announced and released within the first year are important to make a decision on whether to buy it or not. and the only thing the 3ds has over the ds so far is updated ports of older games. there also needs to be a decent number of future titles in the works as well that you want. ports of old games like ocarina of time and ff10 won't get you very far, especially when the ports are not always superior or its multiplat like ff10hd. not many people are going to buy the pspvita just to play ff10 again especially when the superior version of the game will be on the ps3 which they likely will already own.


i wanna watch the press conference.. >


I wanna try Ridge Racer~


sweeeet, definitely picking this up :D


Battery packs will be your friend with the 3DS and PS Vita.


Can't wait for FFX since my ps2 disc got scratched up. :D


Final fantasy X in HD for the PS vita? MY TIME HAS FINALLY COME.


@ RE4GREATSGAME The Japanese are kings of the gaming industry. Just looks at what they've achieved! Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Mario, Zelda, Street Fighter, Tekken etc. That's why I swapped my Xbox 360 for the ps3. In the end, the Japanese are just too good. i could not agree with you more dude, an i absolutley hate what America has done to the game industry, halo, call of duty, gears of war, killzone, ahhhhhhhhhh nothing but fps an guns guns an more guns, im so glad i grew up when video games were diffrent an unique, rpgs, fighters, action, i feel bad for kids growing up on nothing but fps's nowadays, such a ashame they missed out on the japanese classics


@grbolivar Dont know where you got "no loading times" from, but the new demo's i have seen show loading you were completely wrong.


Not a problem with that.Not trusting the charge as im sure its longer.Plus i don't trust it when its reported from a site that doesn't work.


[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]


Hopefully we will get an EU launch date and launch line-up soon! Of the Japanese ones there are 3 good titles to interest me so fairly happy with that!


I was hoping the vita would be out in the usa before 2012 but if this news is correct then we might have to wait four or five months into 2012 to finally get it gosh thats horrible... I might loose interest in it by then...


@Mommas_b_o_y actually 3-5 hours is all that you really need I'm only on my vita about 30 minutes at a time and when I'm on allot longer than that I'm usually at home and it is plugs in and I have never had my battery died on me unless I wanted to


@MindwalkerX so what you are saying is that uncharted golden abyss isn't a big title FAIL and that is Japans launch line up the US will be different some games will stay the same but most might be different and there are also some other big titles there


stop arguing there is no such thing as a GOOD launch for any console ever The original Ds had a WORST start than the 3DS and in ended being a GODLY console give it time, do we really have to deal with this every console cicle? same with Vita looks good but start will be slow


Many bragged about the 3DS bad launch lineup, but IMO PSV is not looking good either. Both systems will only get the big titles after sometime, as usual.


will vitA WORK WITH MAC?


FFX in HD sweet!! Better wait 2017 for remake FF7 on PS4 better HD Graphic, you know I'm done FF7 two days ago and it best FF game I ever seen and other Final Fantasy I like 2(4),9 and 13(my first FF game and I like it) and I started FF10 and 12 on PS2. FF3(6) I suck I can't beat first boss battle in mt. koltz because the blitz move (left, right, left and the A button) I need help. Where FFvs.13 and HK3 for the fans for 5 years too long to wait!! FF8 still playing and taking a break. I like too see redone the story on FF13 too make fan happy. FF13-2 can't wait too play it.


I said it before. the battery life would suck and it does. Portable gaming devices aren't very portable if you have to charge them in your car so the battery doesn't die. All I have to say is I told you so. I think I'll just stick with the nintendo ds until next-gen portables. hopefully they will have better battery technology by then.


@Sigil-otaku: Ooops. Yeah. Junction system. I apologize. You remind me of one of my buddies I went to school with. He also loved FF8 for those same reasons. They didn't appeal to me. I felt that the time-space continuum and (without giving anything away) the GF/orphan BS that they threw out towards the end killed it for me. That's all. lol


@Sigil-otaku I understand your points, too. And yes, you are absolutely right about the voice acting. There was some pretty awkward scenes like this one: [url][/url] But then again, some of the voice actors (the guy who did Auron) were alright to me. The game definitely wouldn't win any awards for voice acting, but it's passable.


@Sigil-otaku: You are correct. The other thing that bothered me about FFX was that none of the guardians had a backstory besides Auron. You never found out why they were there or why they were selected as Yuna's guardians. Riku, Wakka, the girl in black, etc.. Sin was never an entity that you could attach yourself to. He was just something there terrorizing the world. Wow. It wasn't a Kefka or Sephiroth or Jenova. You just can't attach yourself to anything in that story besides Auron and that is why everyone loves him. lol.


@neno2480 Well the sphere grid was actually in 10 if I remember correctly, 8 had the junction system (which was also with the draw system you mentioned as you drew magic and used that magic to join it with you stats to improve them). Like I said 8 was a personal favourite rather than a proper best game because it had so many flaws that as a game it simply was bad in parts but a mix of the designs, atmosphere, action oriented nature (flying balamb garden into other gardens, moving across a speeding train, lunar pandora shedding literal tears of thousands of monsters onto the earth, getting chased by a robot out of the first SEED mission of invading that beach town and crashing ragnarok into other parts) simply made the game extremely unique to me. No other RPG quite crossed the mark where I felt like I was playing a high octane action RPG while till having old school turn based RPG mechanics. Then it was also a matter of the general theme of knights and sorceress' which is one I always loved. Seifer was a worthy rival who'd call me chicken sh*t and I wanted to skip class and cut his throat as Squall :).


If the vita feels nice as a controller they should just use it like the WiiU.


@Sigil-otaku: I can't stand 8. I thought squall was such a whiney brat and the draw system and sphere grid were terrible ways to level up. I personally think FF6 is the best. To each their own. My first FF was 7 and it will always hold a place for me but I can't say it is the best. So, even if I can't see a reason to like 8, you do. Oh well. That makes us fans but not fanboys/girls. lol @diophage: It was the build-up that was so fantastic about the older FFs. Yeah, you start off walking but you still had a CHOICE. For example; FF7 when you get out of Midgar, you must go to Kalm and then the Chocobo ranch. Fine. but after that you can CHOOSE to go to Fort Condor or Junon. Junon continues the story and Ft. Condor is a side quest. Fact is: Options are there from almost the start. I can get Yuffie right away or wait. Blah blah blah. You don't get to make these decisions in FFX. It is story place and a linear path in that area. No hidden treasures. No secret items. Nothing. And it got worse with FF13.


@Diophage Priorities are not necessarily a matter of cheapness. I just feel a HD update isn't worth the money. Maybe because I play PC games and resolution changing is a standard feature rather than a £20 cost per game. You seem to disagree and it's your money but whereas I think it's a waste there's no reason to imply I am somehow cheap for not wanting to rebuy games with what I consider a marginal difference.


They should release the Vita in America first if they really want to take on the 3DS.


@Diophage Well I did say it had some perks so I agree with you on that, it did make you think but overall I found the system lacking in my opinion. I do actually agree with you in the regards of how much linearity there was in comparison to others (e.g. not too much more linearity) but for me that world map is kind of a big thing. I like roaming and feeling like I'm adventuring and exploring a little. Even when I play an FPS or TPS I tend to hug the corners of the maps looking for extra nooks and crannies to see and sights but this while not a big change in the actual amount of linearity was a big change in the atmosphere and feel of exploration for me. I accept your comment though and it's a fair point. If I remember right though the game just didn't appeal to me on a story level either. Sin never seemed to be explained well, Tidus was just from a dream or those weird dreamer things at the end or something and Seymour (who I loved the character design of and was interested in) just ended up going a bit crackers and having to be killed without much real closure on the matter. He just sort of killed the lion people behind your back and then you had a bad boss fight. I haven't played it in a while so I may be rambling but all these complaints along with the melodrama of the bad voice acting sort of put me off the game. I'm sure it's not half as bad as I think and I should return to it some time but I just had a bad taste when I actually played it.


A new Katamari!!!??? The Vita has everything! :oops:


@Sigil-otaku (continued) I can't get over the graphics because they look blurry as hell. Now, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the game, because I still can. But if I have the option of rebuying the game at a budget price with better graphics, it doesn't hurt my pocket too much, so I'll take that deal. I'm not cheap.


@neno2480 Seems like we differ then as I loved 8 :) I find 8 to be my personal favourite even if I acknowledge FF7 as the best (the best in my opinion anyway). In other words one I prefer but the other is the general better game. Plenty of people disagree with me on this matter so I guess it's not a big deal.


@Sigil-otaku I thought it was great because it made you think. It made you make decisions on which direction you want to take your character's stats and what you want to compromise, instead of just killing enemies until you level up. I can understand it being a little tedious at first, but you get the hang of it. As for the linearity, I have always seen Final Fantasy 7-10 pretty similar in terms of that. Most of the time, all you ever did on the over world is go from location a to location b. Later on, you would get your airship to explore the world and find new locations, where you could receive new side quests, and this is what makes Final Fantasy X a bit more linear. In Final Fantasy X, you just scan a picture of a map with a cursor and pinpoint new locations, instead of actually flying around and looking for them. Despite that, after the main story is over, you are no longer limited in what direction you want to go. You want to go to some ancient ruins, and then go to Besaid right afterwards? Go right ahead. The only difference is that it cuts out the world map. Yeah, it's a shame. I would have preferred a world map, too. But regardless, the main progression of the game is largely the same as the titles before it, and there's still plenty of exploration included to not make me feel like I'm walking in a straight line. Still, I never considered most of the Final Fantasy titles to be open ended experiences. I look to Morrowind and Oblivion for that.


Battery only lasts 3 to 5 hours with no network functions on? Ouch, even worse than 3DS. And people aren't even complaining about that:? And I may not know much about those games up there, but that isn't the best launch titles is it? That might just be Japan though.


@Sigil-otaku: You and I have the same taste. I agree completely. The only FF I hated below 9 was 8. I thought 8 had a terrible storyline. but I would take HD remakes of some of the old school stuff like I mentioned in my previous comment.


HA! Just so happens to be my birthday when it hits.


Give me a HD remake of Final Fantasy 6 damnit!!! Who cares about X??? X was a terrible game! It was the start of the linear BS we get now with FF13! Give me HD remakes of the GREAT ones! FF3, FF6, FF7, FF9!! Capcom needs to jump on this too with Breath of Fire. Tales series. Grandia series. Hell, just give me all the old school RPG greats! I'd kill myself if I didn't mention Xenogears. Ahhh.....those were the good ol' days. :D


@Diophage In my opinion it was one of the worst, maybe you disagree but I saw the board system as a pointless detour. It had some perks but ultimately just made the levelling system a tedious process in so far as you couldn't aim to get skills very quickly. Say I wanted 2 skills on the opposite end of the board? It'd take way too many levels just to get them and in my opinion it just wasn't a very good system and I preferred FF7 and FF8's magic / levelling systems. I'm one of the people who loved FF from the origins to the mid period (up to FF9) and then felt it dropped off when it came to FFX, FFXI, XII, XIII etc. Just my opinion but I didn't like FFX as it was also one of the more linear with travelling as you had to do it in a space ship and the fields you explored were pretty narrow paths pretty much all the time. As for rebuying games just because Sony or MS or Nintendo throw a little effort at cleaning the edges, just seems a waste of money to me. Why you can't just get over the very minor graphical difference and enjoy the game for the gameplay / story and are willing to spend an extra 20 pound just for that is beyond me (especially if it's done frequently). I'll buy the SoTC / Ico set but that's about it. Besides I have a BC PS3 anyway and it does partially upscale the graphics (not as good as proper HD but in the end it makes the difference minimal and a waste of money),


@Johny_47 It's not an official holiday over there, but they do celebrate it sort of. They got Christmas lights and they exchange gifts and what not. Hell, I'm extremely atheist, and I'm still okay with Christmas. I mean, it has a good message, and even if you don't care about that... well, gifts are awesome.


Nice date just before Christmas, but didn't think they celebrated Christmas in Japan? good for every where else for this date.


vita will be one of the best handhelds yet! great improvement over the psp ^^