PlayStation cloud service launching in 2014

Sony's new service powered by Gaikai won't be available when PS4 launches this year.


Sony's highly touted cloud-gaming service will launch in 2014, meaning it will miss the PlayStation 4 launch, the company announced this evening during its E3 2013 briefing.

It will be available first on the PlayStation 4, before arriving later on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The service allows players immediate access to a catalog of "critically acclaimed" games.

The system was described by Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House as "fast and responsive." He added that the technology--powered by Gaikai--will evolve rapidly in the coming months, though a specific roadmap or further details were not provided.

The PS4 launches later this year for $399/€399/£349, or $100 less than competitor Microsoft's Xbox One. In addition, the PS4 will play used games and won't require an online check-in.

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