PlayStation 4 devs required to support Vita Remote Play - Report

All PS4 games, with the exception of PlayStation Eye titles, required to support Remote Play, suggests report.



PlayStation 4 developers are being required to include support for Sony's PS Vita Remote Play function in their upcoming games, according to a new report on Digital Foundry.

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The only games excluded from Remote Play support will be those that use the PlayStation 4 camera, according to Digital Foundry's "trusted PlayStation 4 developer source with a proven track record."

The move, if true, would help bolster the library of the PS Vita, as well as offering functionality integral to Nintendo's Wii U console.

Unlike with the PlayStation 3, Remote Play is supposed on the PlayStation 4 at an operative system level, allowing developers to utilise the service without making concessions to the speed of their software. The service works by rendering the game as video and transmitting the images wirelessly over the users' local network to the PS Vita in a fashion similar to cloud-powered game services like OnLive.

Sony, which purchased cloud-streaming technology Gaikai last year, showed PlayStation 4 platformer Knack running on the Vita via Remote Play when it unveiled its next-generation console back in February.

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