Playcast and CJ Hellovision to bring cloud gaming service to Korea

Streaming service to allow cable TV subscribers to play console titles from Capcom, Activision, and Sega.

Korea will soon be experiencing TV-based cloud gaming, when company Playcast and Korean cable operator CJ Hellovision team up to launch a cloud gaming service for cable TV subscribers.

Korea will be getting cloud gaming on its TVs soon.

Users will get to play recent PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 console titles from their TVs through their existing set-top boxes. While the companies haven't listed specific titles ready for its launch, the list of publishers involved in the cloud gaming service include Capcom, Sega, Activision, THQ, Data Design Interactive, Codemasters, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Disney Interactive Studios, Blitz Games, Atari, and Strategy First.

Playcast Media CEO Guy de Beer said that the reason the companies were doing this is that the country is one of the largest consumers of video games in the world with no real console presence.

Playcast and CJ Hellovision have yet to announce a release date for the service or details on its monthly subscription package.

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thought that was an oDST from Halo when I saw the title pic :/


Yes, it is interesting because when they do get the service up and running it will only stand to reason that they apply the same kind of regulations to the cable cloud service. In the case of PSN and XBL they couldn't differentiate whose underage and whose not so they blocked everyone out arising much fume among Korean gamers. In the case of cable subscription it will mostly be parents who are subscribing and their children who are playing, so I'm guessing the shutdown policy -the curfew- might not be a viable option. It may be that it will come to the responsibilities of the parents to either control their child or set some sort of child protection system on the cable set. Interesting indeed when you note that the current shutdown policy is forcefully enforced by the government and not the parents and family. I wonder how this will turn out to be. 




Yes all true. But Korean PSN and XBL are down due to new law in Korea. Curfew from midnight to 6 am. It only affects under 18. But for the rest of us it affects purchases from PSN and XBL regarless what PSN or XBL region our account is. All block from any korean ip addresses. Interesting to see where this leads to.