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TOKYO - Dreamcast owners earn points for buying new titles, Sega extends free Web access period.

TOKYO - Sega revealed details about its Dreamcast Point Card system, an incentive program for gamers who buy new Dreamcast games.

The number of points you get depends on the game you buy. The eight games currently available are all worth 300 points (except Tetris 4D, which is 240 points).

At present, here's what you can cash in your points for:

900 ptsTwo Visual Memory holders.

2,000 ptsAn exclusive Visual Memory system. There are two additional colors of VMS. One is camouflage or dazzle paint and the other is Carbon Black (Camouflage color is currently the rage among younger DC owners.)

2,500 ptsAn exclusive Dreamcast controller, Camo color or Carbon Black color.

4,000 ptsA telephone with the Dreamcast logo on it.

10,000 ptsA 2.3 inch LCD TV with the Dreamcast logo on it.

Sega also announced that the free connection period to Sega's proprietary ISP will be extended to next April. Previously, the initial free access offer it was scheduled to end on December 26. According to Sega, at least 40 percent of Dreamcast owners are already enjoying Internet access with their Dreamcast. Sega is hoping to ship 500,000 systems by the end of this year.

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