PlanetSide server, vehicle plans

Sony Online reveals plans for upcoming fixes to server stability issues and two new upcoming vehicles.

Sony Online has announced that it expects to fix the server stability issues that PlanetSide has had since the game launched two weeks ago. Producer Dave Georgeson said that the server instabilities that have required his team to occasionally manually take down the servers are close to being resolved.

Georgeson said that the team has been "testing the new and improved server code that trounces the server memory leak (it forced us to manually cycle the servers occasionally) and fixes the last big culprit bug that caused zones to go down occasionally (about one or two a day across all servers). These are big fixes that touch a lot of code, so we're being very careful with them, but they're almost done now. In the next day or two, we should have those issues resolved and behind us forever."

After these issues are taken care of, Sony Online plans to turn its attention to enhancing the game in other ways. The liberator bomber and the skyguard antiaircraft ground vehicle are the first two new vehicles planned for the game. The bomber should be especially good for clearing out grouped targets defending chokepoints, and it can carry up to three passengers: a pilot who can control a forward-mounted chain cannon, a bombardier, and a tailgunner to man the rear 20mm cannon. The skyguard antiaircraft vehicle is the ideal counter to the bomber. This two-person ground vehicle has a 360-degree antiair turret and a 12mm machine gun to suppress ground troops. Both vehicles are scheduled to make their debut in the next few weeks.

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