Pitbull bites back

Pitbull Syndicate cofounder Robert Troughton resurrects defunct development house in the form of Pitbull Studios; currently developing unannounced project.



Robert Troughton cofounded Pitbull Syndicate, only to have the studio acquired, renamed, and ultimately put down by Midway. Today, the game designer revealed what's taken place in the year since the studio closed.

Pitbull explodes back onto the scene.
Pitbull explodes back onto the scene.

The studio has set up show in Newcastle, England, where GI.biz reports it is working on a new, unannounced project. Troughton's previous studio specialized in racing, having created entries in the Test Drive and Rush series, as well as 2009's Wheelman.

"The industry has changed a lot since the day that we sold the original Pitbull," Troughton told the site. "It was a real shame that Midway’s management never seemed to move fast enough with the trends. We won’t be making the mistakes of the past with the new studio. What happened there has actually strengthened us; I would say, we’ve learnt a lot from the experience of being part of a large publisher."

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