Pikmin 3, Lego City highlight Nintendo E3 conference

E3 2012: Wii U takes center stage as NintendoLand, Batman: Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, Scribblenauts Unlimited shown off at show-opening press conference.

What's the skinny?

--Pikmin 3 is real and coming to Wii U!
--Wii U hardware will support two GamePads after all.
--First-party Nintendo stuff includes Wii Fit U, Sing, and NintendoLand.
--Third-party efforts include Lego City Undercover, Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Mass Effect 3, Tank Tank Tank!, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Trine 2: Director's Cut.
--The 3DS will get more love in an E3 briefing tomorrow night, but they did show off New Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

The full blow-by-blow

LOS ANGELES--With a lot of juicy Wii U hardware reveals already out of the way, Nintendo's E3 2012 press conference is sure to keep driving the message home with more content for the upcoming yet-to-be-priced home console.

Coming this holiday season, so lay out the games already!

Last year, Nintendo made it quite clear one of its biggest points of focus with the Wii U is the attempted reengagement of the core audience. The publisher showed off examples of core franchises such as Darksiders II and Tekken, something they're likely to expand on in 2012.

While Nintendo has already denied reports of a new 3DS, the publisher never leaves an E3 press conference without giving the public a brief insight into how well its consoles are selling. Be prepared to hear a lot about the 3DS's turnaround after a challenging launch and subsequent price cut. Other safe bets include hearing more on the Wii U's online offerings, possible details about upcoming 3DS titles, and some sort of weird video game symphony number (last year: Zelda; this year: let's go with Wario.)

[8:53] OK, so we're 10 minutes out from the press conference starting. First thing to note is Nintendo has had the best pre-show music out of all the publishers so far.

[8:53] Except: I hear it now…that Gotye song…can't escape it…

[8:53] However, to take your mind off that atrocity, Nintendo is keeping its guests entertained with some pre-show trivia: pixelated images of some its most popular titles and you have to guess which game it is!

[8:53] They're giving us hints! For example: In what game do you eat sushi to replenish your health?

[8:54] On the stage we have three podiums displaying Ninty wares: a Wii U GamePad in stylish black, a couple of pro controllers (also black), and some white Wii U accessories on the last podium.

[8:54] Here's hoping for HOT PINK.

[9:01] We're starting!

[9:02] We've started with a video of Miyamoto in his dressing room, getting ready to come onstage. There are Pikmin in his shoes! I bet he's going to do that thing where he just shows up onstage.

[9:02] Yep, there he is!

[9:03] He's asking us if we see Pikmin all around us! And look, there are!

[9:04] He's going to switch to Japanese now. Bill Trinen, Nintendo director of product marketing, will help translate.

Shigeru Miyamoto onstage at Nintendo's media briefing.

[9:05] We're talking about the Wii U now. It's the line we've heard before: a dedicated screen that will allow people to play games and still keep their TV on. Miyamoto is now holding up the black Wii U tablet.

Here's a first look at the black Wii U tablet.

[9:05] Miyamoto is now introducing Pikmin 3 for the Wii U.

Pikmin 3 for the Wii U.

[9:07] We're seeing a video behind Miyamoto of the new game, which does look really good. You'll have a swarm of 100 Pikmin to manage. In the new game, the Pikmin will have to find materials to build bridges.

[9:07] And there's a new Pikmin type: Rock Pikmin, who you can use to break hard objects, and use MotionPlus to aim at different targets. You can also use the controller to switch between Pikmin types.

[9:08] On the Wii U GamePad, you'll see an overall map, so you'll be able to always see what's going on. You can also control the game using only the GamePad if you want. You can now control up to four leaders that will help you break up your tasks.

Here's a look at how Pikmin 3 will play.

[9:10] Miyamoto says the fact that consumers are moving toward lighter games is a challenge "for all of us."

[9:10] These things are so damn cute! I want to hug one.

[9:10] But I'll probably squash it.

[9:11] Miyamoto pretended to throw a Pikmin plushie into the audience…but then he didn't! Ripped off!

Miyamoto found a Pikmin in his pocket.

[9:12] Nintendo of America president and CEO Reggie Fils-Aime is now onstage. He's saying today will be all about the games!

[9:12] 23 Wii U titles will be shown onstage today, in just one hour.

Reggie onstage talking up the Wii U.

[9:13] Nintendo is also going to discuss how the second screen on the Wii U controller will "change gaming." Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Video are all confirmed for the Wii U.

[9:13] But no more details on these just yet. Today the focus will be on gaming.

[9:16] Nintendo is now talking about social media and how the GamePad will play into that. It's what they're terming asymmetric gameplay--one player against everyone else. The Wii U hardware will support two separate GamePads.

Reggie talking about the Wii U GamePad.

[9:16] Nintendo will show off dual GamePad challenges later; today is all about single challenges. Now we're on to a tutorial video showing us how the GamePad will work.

[9:17] It's stuff we've seen before: the stylus, the shoulder buttons, the rumble features, camera, mic, etc.

[9:18] Now we're talking about the Miiverse--how you will interact with friends over the Wii U.

The Wii U boot-up screen.

[9:19] Now we're seeing the Miis on the Wii U startup screen gathering around individual tiles that are supposed to represent your tastes as well as global trends. You can send texts and illustrations using the stylus or share a screen from the game you're playing with your friends.

[9:20] You will eventually be able to join Miiverse from "any Web-enabled mobile device" or PC.

[9:20] "BUT YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MARIO GAME," Fils-Aime says fans tell him with any new system launch.

[9:21] New Super Mario Bros. U! The new game will allow you to connect in-game with your friends in Miiverse.

[9:22] Now we're going to look at the game itself. Tanooki suit is back!

[9:23] So we're seeing some of the levels here! Classic Mario gameplay. There's also boost mode.

New Super Mario Bros. U in action.

[9:23] OK, we're done with Mario now, and we're moving on to other games.

[9:24] Games like Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition.

[9:24] Harley Quinn introduces Martin Tremblay, president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Oh god, it's more rehearsed dialogue.

Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition.

[9:26] Tremblay is now talking about how thrilled he is to bring Batman to the Wii U. We're seeing a video of some of the new features specifically designed for the console.

[9:26] We're going to find out about these features now.

[9:27] It seems to be all about the GamePad. The BAT mode: the armored suit will have kinetic energy, players can use the GamePad to activate the BAT mode while playing.

Arkham City for the Wii U was shown off at Nintendo's briefing today.

[9:27] Players will also use the pad to switch between gadgets and then use the gyroscope to control some of them when launched.

[9:28] Players seem to be able to browse the menus in the game via the pad as well.

[9:28] Now we're talking about Scribblenauts Unlimited for the Wii U.

Scribblenauts Unlimited coming to the Wii U.

[9:30] Players will be able to use the GamePad to bring life to their creations and then translate that creation to the gameworld on the big screen.

[9:31] There's also a multiplayer mode, which no doubt we'll hear more about later.

[9:31] Wow, they're powering through these presentations. Sizzle reel time!

[9:32] More games for the Wii U: Darksiders II, Mass Effect 3, Tank Tank Tank by Namco; Tekken Tag Tournament 2; Trine 2: Director's Cut; Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge; Aliens Colonial Marines!

[9:33] That reel looked awesome, not sure if what we saw was what these games will look like on the Wii U. But if so, it's going to be great!

[9:33] Now we're talking about Wii Fit I think…

[9:34] Reggie acknowledges that people laughed when he said, "My body is ready" at the E3 conference five years ago.

[9:34] More than 43 million copies of Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus have been sold around the world to date.

Reggie remembers the original Wii Fit.

[9:35] Now we're seeing Wii Fit U. A new fitness game for the Wii U with new content (you'll be sweatier, ewww).

[9:35] In the video, it looks like you can use the GamePad to help you pick activities for the big screen and use it to control your actions in the main game.

[9:36] It also looks like you can upload real-time info into the controller via a pedometer device thing--the Fit Meter.

[9:36] Now we're moving on to talk about rhythm games.

Wii Fit on the Wii U GamePad.

[9:37] Sing is the working title of a new performance game.

[9:38] Wii U GamePad displays lyrics while you sing. So players can face their friends while singing and dancing. Friends are dancing to onscreen moves.

The Wii U's new Sing game.

[9:39] Now we're talking 3DS news with Scott Moffitt, executive VP of sales and marketing at Nintendo.

[9:40] Tomorrow night at 6 p.m. PT Nintendo will live-stream an entire presentation dedicated to 3DS games.

[9:40] We're looking at New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS.

[9:41] This game is all about the gold--we're seeing some gameplay with Mario picking up as many coins as his little plumber hands can handle.

[9:41] The game will be available in the US on August 19, 2012.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 coming August 19.

[9:43] Paper Mario Sticker Star for the 3DS--new element will use stickers that players can collect by pulling them off the scenery, and they will become battle commands. You can defeat enemies with them, or use them to help you find hidden items and secret places.

Paper Mario Sticker Star is on the way for the 3DS.

[9:43] The game will be out physically AND digitally "this holiday season." Moving on, apparently the 3DS doesn't have enough Luigi.

[9:44] So yes it's Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. You'll travel through multiple mansions, each with its own mission-based challenges. New kinds of ghosts that you have to beat by devising capture strategies. Also coming out this holiday season.

[9:45] That's a sneak peek at 3DS; third-party stuff will be discussed during the stream tomorrow.

[9:46] Oh, wait, there's a sizzle reel of third-party stuff: Castlevania Lords of Shadow-Mirror of Fate; Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion; Scribblenauts Unlimited; Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance!

Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion on 3DS.

[9:46] Lego City on the Wii U next; we're looking at some gameplay right now.

[9:48] Players will have to solve crimes--they'll be briefed on missions via the Wii U GamePad and then will have to move the pad around to figure out where the hotspots are on the in-game screen.

[9:48] This is kind of like Lego L.A. Noire. With more Mario jokes.

[9:49] A portable version of Lego City Undercover is also in the works with new storyline and different content.

[9:49] It's in the works for the 3DS.

Lego City is slated for the Wii U and 3DS.

[9:50] Now we're going to have a look at what Ubisoft is "cooking" for the Wii U. Yves Guillemot is onstage now, the CEO of Ubisoft.

[9:52] There's mention of Zombi U, Rayman Legends and Rabbids, but we might see something new?

[9:52] Oh, we're starting with Just Dance 4.

[9:52] Those dancers from the Ubisoft press conference are here to do a live performance.

[9:53] The Wii U GamePad gives you a selection of four moves and you choose on it which one you want to do. This is Puppet Master mode - this person chooses the moves for the other players.

Just Dance 4 on display at Nintendo's briefing.

[9:55] Let's see what Ubisoft has cooked up for core gamers! It's Zombi U--use the GamePad for sonar to show you where the enemies are; for inventory to choose weapons; as a scanner to scan inside objects; to snipe if you have a sniper rifle; to shake zombies off; and for door hacking!

The Wii U fights zombies.

[9:56] You can also zombify your own face with the GamePad camera. Sizzle reel for Ubi's lineup for the Wii U. We've seen this; it's the same thing from yesterday.

Reggie getting zombie-fied at the Nintendo briefing.

[9:57] I wonder how hard it will be to pay attention to two screens while there's a pack of zombies trying to gnaw off your limbs. I guess we'll find out soon.

[9:57] I think we're wrapping up, but we have some props onstage now--a big finale?

[9:58] It's NintendoLand…a virtual theme park with all the classic Ninty franchises.

[9:58] NintendoLand for the Wii U will also use the GamePad screen…

The Wii U travels to NintendoLand.

[10:00] There are 12 attractions in all. Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, Animal Crossing: Sweet Days, and Luigi's Ghost Mansion are multiplayer attractions.

[10:01] Donkey Kong gets a single-player attraction. It looks like a minigame compilation based on the different franchises.

[10:01] The game will also incorporate Miiverse.

[10:03] Players with the GamePad will take on a different role than those playing with regular Wii Remotes, which means different objectives.

[10:03] This is what they were talking about with asymmetric gameplay.

[10:04] So, in Luigi's Mansion in NintendoLand, there will be a stronger ghost chasing a group of weaker players. The GamePad player will have a different view; he can see all the players all the time. The other players cannot see the same thing.

[10:05] The Wii Remotes rumble when the ghost approaches. Their objective is to shine their light on the ghost. The ghost has to preseve his life meter by staying away from the light, but he can also attack the other players.

[10:06] The Wii Remotes rumble when the ghost approaches. Their objective is to shine their lights on the ghost. The ghost has to preserve his life meter by staying away from the light, but he can also attack the other players.

Luigi's Mansion in NintendoLand being shown off.

[10:07] Now we're seeing a brief video of NintendoLand, which looks so colorful I think I might pass out. There's too much stuff on the screen.

[10:08] Yoshi level, Mario level, Metroid level…


[10:09] NintendoLand will launch at the same time as the Wii U.

[10:10] Nintendo presser has finished! That's it folks!

[10:11] Oh god, we're finishing with another tour of NintendoLand.

[10:12] No, wait, fireworks and it's over for real.

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Conference aside, the launch lineup actually looks pretty great. 


I dont give a flip about mario but who dosent want to play a fun looking game like Project P 100 I miss fun games like that and I hate what Sony and MS has turned gaming into and I have all 3 systems so there is no fan boyism over here.and the way you use the pad is so cool Im at the point to where I hate PS altogether their just a big rip off team I have more respect for MS than them now


I hope the Wii U fails so Nintendo can just focus on making games for every other better device.


Some good Wii U announcements there Nintendo, just one problem how much would it cost?


With the Wii-U supposedly coming out this holiday of 2012 in as little as six months you would think Nintendo shouldn't have play so conservative at E3. I wanted them to finally show us the full console specs and more games in real time game-play that is supposed to come out at launch instead of trailers and casual-fest demos. Maybe they want to spread out the info throughout the next six months but they didn't have to spread it out that thin. Them not showing the juicy info now makes me wonder if they don't have much stuff to launch with and are just playing it sly to get enough people to pre-order at their high asking price before we get full details to decide it's best to hold off buying it and force them to lower price to push sales like they did with 3DS.


Microsoft! take NOTES FOOLS!!!


Let's face facts


This system IS NOT as powerful as PS3 or 360, the textures leave a lot to be desired.....BUT, it's a step in the direction and will at least bring nicer quality A+ titles to the system, was mos impressed with ZombieU.


A lot of the shown games seem to have HD backgrounds with a super-imposed B-movie like "playable" graphic in front for characters. ..weird.


I'm curious to see how Mass Effect 3 will play on this.


I expected more.

Not all of it was bad, but still...


I am a bit of a sheep, but that was one of the worst E3 presentations in recent memory....




Wii U will only be as good as the games made for it. Nintendo's focus on games during Tuesday's event is a sign the gaming company may have its eye on the right prize. We just got a Zelda last year...keep your pants on, we got a pikmon and a Mario at launch... My money is on Nintendoland is the bundled software


After thinking it over, Nintendo is still being Nintendo.  They still have some 'secrets' they don't want to divulge.  I assume that E3 is only their start of their marketing campaign and will culminate in their own show in Japan called the Nintendo World or formerly called Nintendo Space World later this year.  Again, this is only my 'educated' guess since Nintendo seems to introduce new hardware at this show.  Hopefully, more games will be announced at the Tokyo Game Show by third parties such as Namco Bandai, Atlus, Mistwalker, Level 5, Square Enix, Capcom, From Software, Sega or even Konami.    


One game announced I think quite a few people are overlooking is Scribblenauts unlimited ; I played both and found them to be rather fun , the jump to consoles will open up more possibilities for interaction with the items , already the maps seem significantly larger.


gud conference but i was def expecting more big titles 4 wii u like zelda, star fox, and smash bros


I feel like I'm the only one that enjoyed this conference. ZombiU, Pikmin 3, and New Super Mario Bros. U have my attention.


Calm down, guys, there was way too much info to be squeezed into an hour long presentation.I'm sure we'll get more info in the coming months, or at least at TGS. Patience is key.


 @Albaficas seriously dude, why bother commenting in here if all you see is negative aspects of the console you are not even going to play.


You and other haters (from any fan base) are the living product of aggressive marketing gone wrong.... yes they have created a monster, and you are a living example of that problem.


Whether you have Nintendo issues or not, it is important to have gaming diversity instead of what you think is best. Remember this:


"you are not in the gaming industry, more specifically the hardware manufacturing department"


Moreover, the specs are not crappy, it is your obtuse mind that cannot see beyond your own nose. You honestly sound like a broken record all over the Gamespot forums, that cannot acknowledge anything positive from the other companies that you dislike.


Who cares if the PS4 or XBox720 will have better specs or not.... your statement is moronic, because Sony and Microsoft are going to beef up their systems in 2 years from now. Therefore, all they are going to do is play it safe by adding more power to the box, because "that is what gamers want"... or so they say.


If gaming companies thought like you, it would be a boring gaming universe, and we as gamers we will be in deep troubles.... and that already happened before and you don't have to think hard to figure out what I am talking.


In the end, at least Nintendo is taking a risk, a chance and a different path compared to the rest for the competition.



way too boring, MS did much better than Nintendo


ZombiU was enough for me to get on board with the Wii U. Pikmin 3 also. Just need a price and release date, i got plenty of store credit at Gamestop to pre-purchase the system and a few games hopefully.


For the most part, the upcoming games for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are great so far. I can't wait for future announcements. I am excited.


As a fan of video games, I am very very disappointed with the E3 presentation of Nintendo.  

Part of that is because I have very high expectations and all we got is 'SING!' , Wii FIT U'? and third party ports

that are already old(Batman), a few months old(Mass Effect 3) and delayed till next year(Alien: Marines).  

No release date and no price release.  Pikmin 3 is nice but Super Mario is underwhelming.  No F-zero, no zelda, no metroid, not even Wii U Sports?!!!   Most of all WHERE ARE ALL THE JAPANESE RPGS??


I really hope that Nintendo will showcase more games at Tokyo Game Show(TGS).  Ok, I'm out!!


I think I know why they showed the casual games, they had to show them eventually, so why not in the place where casuals are most likely to look. I rather have them announce all the casual games at once, than have them announce a new casual game every so often, making a casual reputation. I hope that this is actually what went on in Iwatas mind, and they are going to announce games like Metroid, StarFox, F-Zero, etc. as we get closer to the Wii U's launch.


Almost certain there were far better games than lego city shown off.


Not everything has to be shown at E3 only. Even if they did not reveal much, they have plenty of time this week or in the many months to come. But thinking their system is no good just because they did not show anything that was interesting today, does not mean the system will not do well. Give it time and patience. Nintendo has to make sure they are putting everything in order so we won't have a launch mishap.


People here are actually disappointed? The fuck is wrong with you people?!





Nintendo simply had too many games at launch to talk about any future projects. Check google for Wii U launch titles. There's over 30 of them! And every single game mentioned in the conference(Or almost all of them) are launch titles. Even if there are future games coming soon, they didn't have the time to show them. Hopefully we see more games before the Wii U release.


New Super Mario Bros. U has my attention. At first, I was little skeptical because of the Wii version, but this one looks better and more fun. I lol'd at Tiny Balloon Yoshi.


I am glad they are continuing the Wii Fit series. I thought I would never use my balance board again, but finally I can. I hope it is more in-depth and offers more variety because it is really fun. I used to dislike Wii Fit until I tried back in 2008. I do see potential in the balance board.


 @texastitan123 If any body liked your comment they are idiots who would want a person to fail, your the definition of a hater Event though PS rips everything I dont want it to fail I just wish they would get their own Ideas before stealing other crap Sony is taking gaming to another level (a bad one) They arent being a monopoly they are being sharks  


 @texastitan123 Don't you get it, if Nintendo fails and become a 3rd party, then its games would not have the quality standard that they once had when they are still 1st party. Also if Nintendo does fail as a 1st party, all its 2nd party developers like Intelligent Systems, Retro Studio, Camelot, Monolith Soft, HAL Labs, Alpha Dream, Game Freak, and Brownie Brown would all become 3rd parties as well and all their games would be all over the place.


I rather keep Nintendo the way they are instead of making them separate piece by piece. It'll be like this kind of situation of when will the next Super Mario game comes out, oh it's coming to PS4 (with an hour long installation sequence required) cool but I also like to play Zelda, F-Zero, and Star Fox too. Too bad they're all exclusive only on Xbox 720 with online pass required cuz Microsoft just bought exclusive rights to them from Nintendo. Oh that sucks, oh well I want to play those new Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Pokemon, and Pikmin games then, they're all only available as digital download exclusively on iPad and iPhone (which you could only play with a touch pad), wtf.


 @4quarters The ''facts'' are you don't know whether it is or isn't . They never said either way , and everything we've heard from developers says otherwise.



 oh HATER!!! wait till you hear about the specs first! before judgement!!


 @sacatash Not happening at all. First of all, SEGA of Japan has NO interest in Wii U.(Because they're forming a new multi-media brand who will produce little to no 3rd party games) Second of all, Most Japanese publishers have adapted to PS3 and don't see the Wii U as being any different from it. And third, 3DS has a better shot at stronger library in Japan then Wii U. And on top of that, Sega is getting ready to enter the tablet market.


So in Japan, Wii U has all the odds stacked up against it.


 @moviequest14 I think people underrate this conference, because people expected a bit too much to be shown in 1 hour. I was quite disappointed yesterday, but now that I had some sleep, I see the conference in a brighter light. And I'm looking forward to some games shown at Nintendo's Press Conference, I think Nintendo just wants to keep their ace's, right before the launch of the console, to get as much hype as possible.


 @UnwantedSpam Yeah, I thought the same way like the people here did yesterday, but now that I had some sleep, I'm seeing the conference not as bad as people depict it. Microsoft's and EA's are still horrible, though.


 @zzamaro I completely disagree , personally I think all 3 were equally lack-luster , how can you consider ms ''better'' when the show was composed of a knee-jerk reaction to wii-u , a total of 30 seconds spent talking about both halo4 and gow 4 and the rest a mini-concert?


 @sacatash I have to agree their presentation was lacking games... 3DS reveal was much better plenty of games to show off(even if they weren't launch titles) but the Wii U has almost nothing to show. Maybe they are holding games to make press releases later in the year...


 @sacatash Ok its a little early for Zelda we just got one 7 months ago, give zelda at least 2-4 years for them to make a great new one.


What we really need is either Star Fox, F-Zero or Metroid! I have to agree though the press conference was mind blowingly underwhelming.


I guess because it was the conference with the most hype but seriously I thought Nintendo would learn there lesson by now?


 @mario-nin-freak But the launch titles aren't impressive ._. . I didn't see any must have games Pikmin and NSMB are games I would buy if I already owned the console but as of now there's no reason to own the console.


 @mario-nin-freak Yes, that's why they are holding a stream tomorrow on their site. So that's why I was not disappointed because I knew they would not have time to reveal everything.


 @LindBergh2007 So many people in Japan are buying the 3DS (and most likely WiiU games in the future) that I don't think they'll have that problem for quite a while. I think they're set over there with 1st and 2nd party support.


 @Albaficas  @Flint247 All of the 'Big 3' presentations are underwhelming.

Only Ubisoft, minus the annoying hosts, did a good job: Assassins Creed 3, Zombie U, Watch Dogs, Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell, heck even their Just Dance 4 presentation is not annoying unlike Usher who made a mess doing a mini-concert on stage. 


This is Nintendo after all.  I am sure there are several games that they are holding back but the lack of Japanese game franchises and no JRPGs is really really disappointing:

no Mistwalker, Namco Bandai, Atlus, Square Enix, Sega, Monolith, Level 5.  If Nintendo wanted to go back to their roots and make this(Wii U) successful they need RPGs.

I don't want to have a 'Xenoblade' incident again!!


 @LindBergh2007 Not really, it's said to launch during the launch window. It's just more likely to be in Christmas, but not necessarly.


 @mjc0961 No, he meant it as in, people set the bar a bit too high, and Nintendo had the most pressure on them out of all the conferences. Just think about the games they showed, they weren't really as bad as people said yesterday:

Pikmin 3,



GTA style Lego game? Lego games are usually pretty fun, don't be so focused on the kiddie aspect.

A special Batman Arkham City version, exclusively for Wii U, and it seems like it's a GOTY edition with some additional Wii U stuff.

Rayman Legends,

Scribblenauts Unlimited,

Trine 2 (I think it's the first console release of Trine 2, I might just be wrong.)

Tank! Tank! Tank!, it doesn't look to great, but we'll have to see when it launches.

And there were 2 games announced after the conference:

Project P-100,

and Game & Wario.

I might have missed some games, Nintendoland was intentional, because it's likely to just come with the system.

And we are likely to see more games, as we get closer to the launch. I was quite disappointed yesterday, but now I'm excited for the Wii U again.