Phantom Dust goes gold

The Xbox-exclusive sci-fi action game from Microsoft’s Japan studio has gone gold and is due for a September 23 release in Japan.

TOKYO--Microsoft announced today that its sci-fi action game Phantom Dust has gone gold. The game is due for release in Japan on September 23 at the price of 5,800 yen ($53). Phantom Dust will be the second game developed by Microsoft's Japan studio.

Phantom Dust is a third-person strategic action game where players choose from a wide list of supernatural abilities and then battle it out in destructible arena environments. Together with the announcement, Microsoft revealed that Phantom Dust will adopt Vincent Gallo's "Yes I'm Lonely" as the theme for its ending sequence.

Microsoft currently has not made any plans for a release outside of Japan. For more on Phantom Dust, see GameSpot's preview.

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