Peter Dinklage voicing Bungie's Destiny

Game of Thrones actor confirmed as voice of Ghost in Bungie's all-new shooter game.

Game of Thrones and Elf actor Peter Dinklage is doing voice work for Bungie's all-new shooter Destiny, the developer has confirmed.

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"Peter Dinklage is the voice of the Ghost in this demo," Bungie community manager "DeeJ" told Sony in a new video interview. "As you learn more about Destiny, you just might be hearing more from him."

The Ghost character in Destiny is described as an "interactive companion" that players will take with them everywhere they go.

Dinklage is not the only celebrity working with Bungie on Destiny. The Beatles frontman Paul McCartney is collaborating with Bungie, writing music for the new game.

Bungie's Destiny launches next year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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