Perfect Dark TV show on the horizon?

Fireworks Entertainment has secured the film and TV rights to Nintendo's Perfect Dark.

Fireworks Entertainment has optioned the film and TV rights to Nintendo's Perfect Dark license. The first TV series might make its debut by fall 2002, and the company is currently pitching the idea of a Perfect Dark film to several studios.

Perfect Dark was the unofficial sequel to Golden Eye 007 and was released on the Nintendo 64 last year. It enjoyed both critical and commercial success. A Perfect Dark sequel, tentatively titled Perfect Dark Zero, is currently in development for the Nintendo GameCube and should be ready for release by late 2002.

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Dark Angel was about the closest thing we got to Perfect Dark on televisio. It would have made for a neat series. They should have made it animated and on Mtv.


Where is the show and movies? And why didn't Perfect Dark Zero come for Gamecube!? It's the only reason I bought it! Now it gives me a reason to get Xbox 360.