PC 2014 Games Release List

What are you most looking forward to?

Following this year's E3, we've compiled a list of the PC games of 2014 that have been or will be released by the end of the year. If a game has an announced release date, it is written next to the game title.

To keep the list at a manageable size, we did not include every single game released for the PC. Let us know in the comments if we missed anything important.

Keep in mind that the release dates for upcoming games is subject to change. But with that caveat out of the way, check out the full list below.

Out Now:

TitleRelease Date
Captain Morgane and the Golden TurtleJanuary 3
Continue?9876543210January 3
ConsortiumJanuary 6
GrimmJanuary 6
Kingdom RushJanuary 6
Secrets of RaetikonJanuary 7
Metal Gear Rising: RevengeanceJanuary 9
Lost in a ForestJanuary 11
NidhoggJanuary 13
Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of ParadiseJanuary 14
The Banner SagaJanuary 14
SpellForce 2: Demons of the PastJanuary 14
Assassin's Creed Liberation HDJanuary 15
KickbeatJanuary 20
Car Mechanic Simulator 2014January 24
CuriosityJanuary 24
Broken Age Part 1January 28
RekoilJanuary 28
Strike VectorJanuary 28
Echo PrimeJanuary 28
The Castle DoctrineJanuary 29
Our Darker PurposeJanuary 29
Octodad: Dadliest CatchJanuary 30
RymdkapselJanuary 30
LoadoutJanuary 31
The Floor Is JellyFebruary 1
The Sun At NightFebruary 4
Dominique PamplemousseFebruary 4
Gigantic ArmyFebruary 5
Little Racers STREETFebruary 6
The Lego Movie Video GameFebruary 7
JazzpunkFebruary 7
Ethan: Meteor HunterFebruary 7
Line of Defense Tactics-Tactical AdvantageFebruary 11
NaissanceEFebruary 13
OMG Zombies!February 13
Eschalon: Book IIIFebruary 14
LocoCycleFebruary 14
Metal Slug 3February 14
Drive to HellFebruary 15
Dusty RevengeFebruary 17
BanishedFebruary 18
IkarugaFebruary 18
NASCAR 14February 18
99 Levels To HellFebruary 19
StriderFebruary 19
Plague Inc. EvolvedFebruary 20
BeatBlasters IIIFebruary 21
ThiefFebruary 25
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2February 25
BlackSoulFebruary 26
The YawhgFebruary 27
Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD EditionFebruary 27
Warhammer 40,000: Storm of VengeanceFebruary 27
Chuck's Challenge 3DFebruary 28
Helicopter Simulator 2014February 28
Dethroned!February 28
One Finger Death PunchMarch 3
South Park: The Stick of TruthMarch 4
Tower of GunsMarch 4
10 Second NinjaMarch 5
MeltdownMarch 5
Infested PlanetMarch 6
Year WalkMarch 6
Race To MarsMarch 7
An Apparently Normal RoomMarch 7
WindforgeMarch 11
Hearthstone: Heroes of WarcraftMarch 11
Constant CMarch 11
TitanfallMarch 11
1954: AlcatrazMarch 11
TowerFall AscensionMarch 11
Towtruck Simulator 2015March 11
Dragons and TitansMarch 12
Corporate Lifestyle SimulatorMarch 12
LuftrausersMarch 18
Deus Ex: The FallMarch 18
Men of War: Assault Squad 2March 20
CloudbuiltMarch 20
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden ZMarch 21
BetrayerMarch 24
Escape Goat 2March 24
SmiteMarch 24
Ether OneMarch 25
Mercenary KingsMarch 25
Diablo III: Reaper of SoulsMarch 25
NosgothMarch 26
Carmageddon: ReincarnationMarch 27
SpateMarch 27
PlatforminesMarch 28
Shadowrun OnlineMarch 31
Shovel KnightMarch 31
Age of Wonders IIIMarch 31
Steins;GateMarch 31
Goat SimulatorApril 1
Batman: Arkham Origins BlackgateApril 1
The Elder Scrolls OnlineApril 4
OknyttApril 4
Half Minute Hero: The Second ComingApril 4
Warlock 2: The ExiledApril 10
Beware Planet Earth!April 11
War of the VikingsApril 15
Moebius: Empire RisingApril 15
Max: The Curse of BrotherhoodApril 15
LuminosityApril 15
Trials FusionApril 16
Life Goes OnApril 16
Wargame: Red DragonApril 17
The Last FederationApril 18
Tabletop SimulatorApril 18
The Samaritan ParadoxApril 18
Out of the Park Baseball 15April 21
The Blackwell EpiphanyApril 24
Dark Souls IIApril 25
DaylightApril 29
Rambo: The Video GameApril 29
The Amazing Spider-Man 2April 29
Red Faction CompleteApril 29
CroixleurApril 30
Child of LightApril 30
Croixleur SigmaApril 30
Jet Car StuntsMay 1
Sir, You Are Being HuntedMay 2
Full BoreMay 6
Tesla EffectMay 7
Bound By FlameMay 8
1849May 8
Age of MythologyMay 8
The Impossible GameMay 8
Kero BlasterMay 11
The Last Tinker: City of ColorsMay 12
ChronologyMay 12
Memento Mori 2May 13
Dynasty Warriors 8 Complete EditionMay 13
BattleBlock TheaterMay 15
DreadOutMay 15
Project TemporalityMay 20
TransistorMay 20
Wolfenstein: The New OrderMay 20
Darksiders CompleteMay 20
Always Sometimes MonstersMay 21
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing IIMay 22
Panzer Tactics HDMay 22
Killer Is Dead: Nightmare EditionMay 22
Tropico 5 May 23
Ibb and ObbMay 26
Watch DogsMay 27
A Story About My UncleMay 28
Kill The Bad GuyMay 28
MonochromaMay 28
Among the SleepMay 29
The FallMay 30
WildStarJune 3
Murdered: Soul SuspectJune 3
Richard and AliceJune 5
Enemy FrontJune 10


TitleRelease Date
Black Gold OnlineJune 20
MotoGP 14June 20
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden WarfareJune 24
Transformers: Rise of the Dark SparkJune 24
Valiant Hearts: The Great WarJune 25
Sniper Elite IIIJune 27
Divinity: Original SinJune 30
Infinity RunnerJuly 1
DeadbreedJuly 1
The HouseJuly 1
MouseCraftJuly 8
CrimsonlandJuly 11
Hidden in Plain SightJuly 16
UnrestJuly 23
ResidueAugust 1
Ultra Street Fighter IVAugust 8
Victory At SeaAugust 8
Risen 3: Titan LordsAugust 15
Sacred 3August 26
Wasteland 2August


TitleRelease Date
The Sims 4September 2
Stronghold: Crusader IISeptember 2
GauntletSeptember 3
FIFA 15September 23
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and PunishmentsSeptember
Stardrive 2September
IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of StalingradOctober 1
Dragon Age: InquisitionOctober 7
Middle-Earth: Shadow of MordorOctober 7
Alien: IsolationOctober 7
NBA 2K15October 7
Borderlands: The Pre-SequelOctober 14
Battlefield HardlineOctober 21
The Evil WithinOctober 21
EvolveOctober 21
Assassin's Creed UnityOctober 28
Costume Quest 2October 31
Grand Theft Auto VOctober
Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareNovember 4
The CrewNovember 11
Far Cry 4November 18
Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless KingdomNovember
Catlateral DamageNovember
Dreamfall ChaptersNovember


Wayward Manor
Hatoful Boyfriend
The Legend of Doodle
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
Woah Dave!
Soul Saga
Disney Infinity 2.0
Ori and the Blind Forest
Starship Corporation
Dead Rising 3
Never Alone
Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age
Grey Goo
Civilization: Beyond Earth
Styx: Master of Shadows
Hyper Light Drifter
Rise of Incarnates
Citizens of Earth
Neverending Nightmares
Orcs Must Die: Unchained
Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms
Silence: The Whispered World 2
Rollers of the Realm
Tetris Ultimate
Another Castle
World of Speed
Son of Nor
Blood of the Werewolf
Secret Ponchos
Glorious Leader!
Road Not Taken
Farming Simulator 2014
Lords of the Fallen
Nuclear Throne
Energy Hook
Serious Sam 4
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
Rocket League
The Witness
Tales from the Borderlands
World of Warships
Broken Age: Part 2
Pillars of Eternity
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

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Alex Newhouse

An editorial intern on his second tour at GameSpot.

What game is the picture that is right at the top of this post


cricket 14???????????????


These are hardly all PC games, what about indie games which come out almost every week on Steam?


Left out Broken Sword 5 part 2 and the Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - 20th Anniversary Edition


You left CoH2 western armies out. it's an entire standalone expansion, so it qualifies.


well, only DRagon age for me !!!


Nothing interesting during the whole summer vacation :_(  (why all developers agree to release games when studying takes place ????????


What the hell is with october?? Why??I'll be able to go on vacation from workplace only in august :( developers should really take into consideration my working schedule xD (just kidding before someone tears my head off)


Divinity: Original Sin is due out June 30th.

I don't think Lichdom has announced a date yet but isn't it 2014 for sure?

Distant Worlds: Universe showed up on May 23rd.  That's the final expansion to a long running 4X game, essentially the "complete" version of the game.  It could use a review, too, if the summer doldrums are setting in.

Stardock's reboot of Star Control should show up... in 2015.  Ah well.


Well, I already have 7 of those titles, but at least another 25 are on my watch list.  Too many games, too little time. :P


how many times will strike suit zero be released? it's been released twice on PC already (vanilla and director's cut). what's the third release?


@newhaus1994 @BrunoBRS oh :P

i was worrying the devs would pull out a limbo and just release the same game over and over for four years.

newhaus1994 moderatorstaff

@BrunoBRS @newhaus1994 The director's cut is coming this year to PS4 and X1, the lists I've been using have been wrong and said it was also coming to PC later.


Scrolling takes long time to get to comments :D


Also Pillars of Eternity by Obsidian-this winter.


So much choice. A great time to be a PC gamer. And you have a much more powerful machine too!


Did i miss it,or is Unreal Tournament not on the list? 

newhaus1994 moderatorstaff

@deadline-zero0 @newhaus1994 Yeah, there's a module scheduled for release in 2014 but you're right, the full game isn't coming out until next year. I'm updating it now.


@newhaus1994 @deadline-zero0 Thanks. BTW, SC releasing next year? Ha! I wish. 2016 is my minimal. 

For next year i'm expecting Elite: Dangerous. I also see the new UTfor 2015, despite some, like me even, calling it UT2014. :P

newhaus1994 moderatorstaff

@deadline-zero0 I assume MOST of SC will be done next year, but considering the glacial pace they're working at, you're probably right.


Demonicon, if you mean The Dark Eye: Demonicon, was released on PC on October 25th 2013 according to wikipedia. I don't know of any other game called Demonicon. 

Several other games that I don't recognize aren't on Wikipedia (that well-spring of impeccable knowledge), but I reckon we'll hear about them in due time.

newhaus1994 moderatorstaff

@Hurvl Wikipedia has massive holes in its game lists, I cross-referenced it with metacritic and some other wikis to confirm. Obviously, there are still mistakes, though.


Lots of great games to look forward to! I wish the console owners had a list like this for 2014.


List is longer than the console lists put together.  PC gaming is dead everyone.


@ezioismyname  Thank goodness!  If it were alive, we would never catch up to our backlogs! ;)


I'm most looking forward to playing some old games, so I can reduce my backlog and thus justify buying some newer games. Steam's Summer Sale starts tomorrow and I'm far enough behind the times to benefit from offers on old games that now are really cheap.


@Hurvl If you're interested in tracking when games go on sale on steam, we made a mobile app called Notivo that can send you push notifications when specific games go on sale. If you're interested, that is :)


@Hurvl You bastard...I wish I had never read your comment.  Now I am going to spend a bunch of money on games that I will never catch up on.


How can you constantly miss so much.. im not good at singing so i dont do it and i wouldnt try to make money on it. Gamespot should find someone else to do pc updates. Ok so you had elite dangerous, dreadnought and lichdom battlemage on previous list but didnt bother maybe to use it to update the new one. Here is more for you dayz, rust, stomping land. Project cars was listed for ps4 but not pc you know this is mainly a pc title early version is already there. Universim, grim dawn, the vanishing of ethan carter, mirrors edge 2, the witcher 3, battlefront 2. Battlefield hardline, grim fandango, next car game, ut2014. Just from the back of my head. And the screenshot is that civ game even in the list?


So is the forest its early access still there and star citizen. And if 2014 only why did you put star citizen there. What about the grid game coming this summer. Sloppy man...no excuse


@Fabian85 yea, there are mistakes, but what do you expect, it's for pc ;)


Yeah but there are pc fans like myself have one of those put together a list. I have a good job already just dont want him to keep doing it.


Did give you a break on your e3 list and then you go making the exact same mistakes and missing stuff you didnt last time. Last time i thought everyone makes mistakes its the human factor. Would it be hard to use the old list as help. Youre no way near 99%. And someone else should do it not me and def not you.


@Fabian85 And while you're pissing and moaning about the list, I will take this opportunity to piss and moan about your grammar and proof reading skills.  Thank God you don't articles.


English is not my native language... still a lot of nordic corps have my name on their annual reports..i use a translator when needed. How much do you make attending spelling bee? I am home thats where im writing from genius. Have a pc gamer write them thats all i ask.


@Fabian85 I make 1 million dollars attending the spelling bee.  How much do you make complaining like a girl experiencing her first menstrual cycle?

newhaus1994 moderatorstaff

@Fabian85 The civ game is on the list. Most of the games you listed come out in 2015. I did forget Battlefield. DayZ, Rust, and Stomping Land haven't been announced for 2014 full releases. 


@ezioismyname @Fabian85  Ok i think "thank god you dont articles" is a one million sentence. Judging by how you write thats what youre accustomed to i would guess? I speak my mind for free though already have them dollars and cents


@Fabian85 Dammit, how did I miss that?  I still made 1 million for attending and watching the spelling bee.  Although I fell asleep.  Best and easiest 1 million earned ever.  @newhaus1994   Trust me, I am being civil.  I don't want Digital Dame to come looking.

newhaus1994 moderatorstaff

@Fabian85 Give us a break. Every list out there has mistakes. Wikipedia and Metacritic have gaping holes. I will update this as information becomes available. There are literally thousands of PC games released every year.