PAX Prime 2014 Community Roundup

We round up some community favorites from PAX Prime 2014, plus check out our giveaway!

PAX Prime has come and gone, and a lot has happened over the last couple of days. Here are just a few of the fantastic highlights from this years show.

The Sector G Lounge

On Saturday and Sunday, we invited the GameSpot / GiantBomb community to come and check out some games, win some Sector G goodies, watch our stage show live and of course, get some free hot breakfast and lunch.


No major convention would be complete without an awesome giveaway! We took to the show floor and rounded up as much swag as we could carry. Behold, the fruit of our labor!

Here’s a breakdown of what we managed to grab:

  • Alien Isolation Comic
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire postcard
  • Nintendo Wii U/3DS lanyard
  • Hoenn Region Map
  • Gauntlet Comic
  • Super Smash Bros Training Towel
  • Sunset Overdrive Shirt
  • Kijudo Starter Decks
  • Magic the Gathering Sample Decks
  • Garuk PAX Prime Exclusive Pin
  • Sunset Overdrive PAX Prime Exclusive Pin

Want to win this amazing grab bag of what PAX Prime had to offer? Simple, just leave a comment below with your favorite moment from PAX Prime for a chance to win. This contest is open to GameSpot members from the US and the UK. A winner will be selected on Tuesday, September 9th.

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The Last @GameSpot Supper at PAX Prime. Soundtrack: Pure Moods (1994)

— Chris Watters (@CTWatters) September 1, 2014

I took a bunch of photos at the PAX Royal Rumble today. I'll post them later once @TracksuitMD signs the waver.

— Danny O'Dwyer (@dannyodwyer) August 31, 2014

Our PAX Sunday live show starts in 40 min. Come by Sector G (9th & Pike) to watch live or join us online!

— Chris Watters (@CTWatters) August 31, 2014

All in front of a bacon-scarfing crowd at Sector G!

— Chris Watters (@CTWatters) August 31, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the most @dannyodwyer photo that has ever existed.

— Shaun McInnis (@smcinnis) August 31, 2014

Yeah this right now. @dannyodwyer @PCBrown. #PAXPrime2014

— Neha Tiwari (@Nehalia) August 31, 2014


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Synthia Weires

Community Producer for GameSpot. Fan of all things gaming, social butterfly, a lover of bacon, MTG, D20's and pie.

Definitely the PAX Royal Rumble!

zanelli moderator moderator

I always like to see new indie games.Ori and the Blind Forest looks great.

benleslie5 moderator

My favourite moment that there were a lot of Indie games at PAX this year


There were soo many awesome moments at PAX, but if I have to pick one I'd have to go with attending Hironobu Sakaguchi's (the creator of Final Fantasy) panel and getting his autograph.


...when Mister Chief proposed to that Spartan at the start of the 343 industries Conference/Panel thing.

<3 pahaha.

But seriously, it was a really interesting panel (:


Saints Row: Gat out of Hell


I think my favourite thing was the panel on being a women in the games industry. Even though I am a guy, it was a great panel and highlights just how bad things can get, but also showed how great people can be when they want to. Really great panel.


I'd say my favorite moment of PAX Prime 2014 was seeing that Undead Lab's (creators of State of Decay) used J.L. Bourne as a consultant and actually had him there for me to get a photo with him and his autograph on all 3 of his physical books!! He also commented on that saying it was awesome to see a fan bring all the books for autographs instead of just one of them. :D


The PAX Royal Rumble


Favorite moment of PAX 14' was simply all the devs and gamers having a good time, enjoyed all the booths, it's moments like this that shine through for the gaming community as a whole! 


My favorite was the free breakfast.  I wasn't there, but I just love and promote anything with waffles. Or bacon.  Especially bacon.


My favorite things are all the indie games you guys showed


for all the games and fun out there, there needs to be also mature and thoughtful talks about some of the issues that arose recently. 

Women Surviving and Thriving in Games Media Panel was my favorite moment. Seeing all these women from many different popular sites speak their minds and answer questions about the sexism and misogyny that have spawned in the gaming world and how it still exist today.


@yellowsanchez I did not attend that panel so I am not quite sure what it was about, so can you explain a little better. Is there some sort of discrimination on the basis of gender when applying for a job in the gaming industry? It seems to me people of both genders have equal opportunity to apply for game jobs. Also, anybody can freely download game development tools (such as Unity, UDK, HTML5, Blender, GIMP 2, etc.) from the Internet and create a game of their own.

So if the above is more or less true, then it seems to me we have equal opportunity for people of both genders to develop games. From that point on, the gender of the developers no longer matters. The only thing that matters is can they make a high quality, fun game or not.