Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ out on Steam this September

Expanded version of Pac-Man remake to come with four new courses and skins.

A database update on PC game distribution service Steam has listed Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ with a September 25 release date.

PC gamers can get their ghost-munching on late September.

Gamers can preorder the PC version of the Pac-Man remake on Steam for $9.99. This version comes with four new courses: Big Eater, Mountain, Highway II, and Championship III. This update also adds in new skins and BGM from Namco Bandai games Rally-X and Dig Dug.

The previous game, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, was released in November 2010. The game was praised for its variety of game modes, mazes, visual, and musical options.

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This was one of the most addicting PSN game. I will buy this so I can play on my laptop.