Outrage reveals Rubu Tribe

The company behind the Descent series is developing a new action-adventure game for the Sony PlayStation 2.

Interplay and Outrage Entertainment has officially announced a new action-adventure game for the Sony PlayStation 2 titled Rubu Tribe. The game lets players control a tribe known as the Rubu and they must explore and interact with a unique world and the creatures that reside within. The Rubu have built their village on the back of a mammoth beast known as the Uut and at the game's onset they embark on a journey to find a secret and mystical place. Throughout the game, the player takes primary control of the tribe leader, but they must also manage the actions of the other tribe members. Elements of strategy, action-adventure, and exploration intertwine, as the player must journey through a dangerous, organic world, care for the Uut, and keep all of the tribe members happy.

"We're passionate about creating a truly rich experience with Rubu Tribe,'' stated Travis Williams, senior producer at Interplay Entertainment. "Rubu Tribe is a game that successfully combines great characters and story with compelling gameplay."

Outrage Entertainment, the company responsible for the acclaimed Descent series, is developing Rubu Tribe. The game will be released for the PS2 in Q4 2001. As reported previously, Outrage is also developing a second game, which is in the tactical-espionage genre and features a morphing character. The company plans to release that game for the PlayStation 2 as well, but its final PS2 release is dependent on ongoing publisher negotiations.

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