Outlaw Golf confirmed for the PC

Simon & Schuster announces that a PC version of its quirky golf game will be released later this year.

Simon & Schuster Interactive has today announced that a PC version of Outlaw Golf, which was released on the the Xbox and GameCube last year, will be released in North America this fall. Described by the publisher as a hard-core golf game with a humorous side, Outlaw Golf features three unusual 18-hole courses and a cast of characters that includes an ex-convict, a stripper, a biker chick, and a doctor who is facing numerous malpractice suits, to name but a few.

It's not yet clear if the PC version of Outlaw Golf will differ significantly from those already available, but for further information, check out our full reviews of the Xbox and GameCube versions of the game. We'll bring you more information on Outlaw Golf for the PC as soon as it becomes available.

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