OnLive and Wikipad Team Up For AAA Game Streaming

Play AAA games like Batman: Arkham City on your tablet on the go.

Cloud-gaming company OnLive and tablet maker Wikipad, Inc. today announced a partnership that will bring large-scale games to small-scale devices. As a result of the newly minted partnership, you'll be able to download the OnLive Android app (available now through Google Play) and play AAA games on the $200 Wikipad 7 and, in the future, Gamevice products.

It's all possible thanks to OnLive's newly launched CloudLift subscription program. Available today in the United States, Canada, and the UK, the program ($7.95/month) lets you access a library of digital titles on any supported connected device, including tablets and smartphones, as well as PC, Mac, or TV.

OnLive's cloud servers handle the "heavy lifting," allowing you to stream AAA games like Batman: Arkham City or Saints Row IV to a host of connected devices, including tablets. The CloudLift service is compatible with "many" connected devices, the company says, but the Wikipad 7 is the first gaming-focused tablet with a gamepad controller to adopt the service.

"Wikipad and Gamevice showcase perfectly how OnLive is bringing big games to small devices," OnLive VP of product and marketing Rick Sanchez said in a statement. "Mobility and convenience are becoming increasingly important to gamers. The OnLive Game Service and CloudLift subscriptions are the delivery mechanisms that make high-end gaming possible on tablets. These superb hardware offerings from Wikipad enhance the player experience immeasurably and make even the latest, most graphically intensive games truly portable."

Wikipad, Inc. announced the Gamevice controller at CES in January, though there's no word yet on when it will be released. The controller for Android tablets features dual analogue sticks, L1/R1 and L2/R2 buttons, a d-pad, and for analogue action buttons. You can read more about the device at GameSpot sister site CNET.

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Oh god, Nintendo I know it's not your style, but for once YOU NEED TO SUE PEOPLE instead of being sued. you let this go and if it becomes a thing they will sue you even though it makes no sense.


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You know; in terms of positioning, this design may actually have the sticks, d-pad and various buttons in a slightly more ergonomic place than Nintendo's own GamePad.