One-Third of a Shining

We asked for responses to Sega's US release plans for Shining Force III, and you came through. Here are some of them.

The response to how Sega of America is handling the US Saturn release of Shining Force III has upset many Sega fans.

The announcement last week that the game was US bound was reason enough to be happy, but the fact that Sega is only going to release the first disc of the game (the second and third discs of the game won't be out in Japan until spring and summer '98) made the announcement a little sour.

We asked you, our readers, to respond to the announcement. We'll still be collecting responses and passing them on to Sega of America over the weekend, so keep them coming.

Paul Bury told us "I have always enjoyed the Shining Force series, and am rather appalled by the possibility that maybe they won't be bringing all of it out. As an RPG fan I am getting sick of companies not releasing games, even though there are tons of people who will buy it and let them know that. If these companies do not care about us, then they are going to lose us. With Sega messing up their relationship with Working Designs (whom I consider to be the premier RPG company out there), it is just another nail in the coffin of the Saturn."

A lot of the responses we got mentioned the other Saturn RPG whose fate is still up in the air - Game Arts' epic RPG Grandia. "I've almost reached a breaking point with Sega. If I don't get the games I want from them in the following year, namely a complete translation of SF3 and Grandia, then I doubt I'll buy Sega's next system," said RJ Webber.

Eric Gostnell says "I can't believe they would tease us with a piece of a three-part story. It's nice to know Sega cares a little about its fans/supporters, but this is insulting. Phantasy Star is nowhere to be seen and the PlayStation is taking away what once looked like the Saturn's positive market, RPGs. How about Thunder Force V, Sega? I guess I'll buy that one from the importers."

Others thought that its handling of Shining Force III is a sign of Sega's poor management problems. Jesse Watson said, "Perhaps someone should mention to Sega that the reasons Saturn is dying isn't because of the consumers; it's because of Sega. So far there have been only a handful of rather sucky RPGs shoved the way of Saturn users. Working Designs is the only company who's actually been doing anything at all, other than Sega themselves. Sega is quickly losing any following it may have had from RPG enthusiasts, and no one else is dedicated enough to care about the Saturn. I hope Sega dies."

Overall, the responses to our poll can best be summed up by reader Fuquan Wertz, who says, "PLEASE release Shining Force III either as a three-CD set, or at least on the same type of schedule as Japan." In other words, give us the whole thing!

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