Once Upon a Knight Updated Impressions

We take an updated look at this quirky strategy role-playing hybrid game for the PC.

At a recent Atari press event, we were able to take an updated look at Once Upon a Knight, the PC game formerly known as Knightshift. The game will feature both a traditional real-time strategy mode and a hack-and-slash role-playing mode similar to Diablo. It will also feature a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of classical high fantasy, similar to the motion picture The Princess Bride. In addition to brave soldiers fighting battles with swords and pikes, you can expect to see cackling witches riding broomsticks, herds of cattle, and an angry mother-in-law or two waving around a rolling pin.

The game seems to be coming along extremely well, and its development is more or less complete at this point. The development and production teams have recently added plenty of new maps for the hack-and-slash role-playing segment of the game, in which you command a single character of a specific class, followed by a small army of followers. The game's battle mode has also been implemented--this is a skirmish mode for its real-time strategy segment in which you don't build unit-generating buildings, but rather you begin with a certain amount of milk (the game's only resource and currency) and build up an army of whichever units you can afford, then attack your enemies.

Once Upon A Knight's development is almost complete, and the game should be ready for its scheduled release date of September 23.

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