Olly Moss Paper Cuts

Artist responsible for Resistance 3 box art releases book that's significantly easier to buy than any of his prints, posters.


You might already be familiar with Olly Moss. His works include striking Star Wars posters, a collection of box art designs for Videogame Classics, and the official Resistance 3 box art. Earlier this week, Olly's first book was released and, now that my preordered copy has arrived, I love it. Titled Silhouettes From Popular Culture, it features a series of paper cuts depicting silhouettes of characters from videogames, TV shows, movies, and the like. None of the images are labeled and, in the book's introduction, Olly's wonders if "you're geeky enough to recognise them all." Apparently I'm not.

Many of the images, like those I've embedded here, aren't difficult to identify at all. Check out other examples on the Paper Cuts blog, though, and you might find figuring out whose silhouette you're looking at much more challenging. There are still a handful on that page that I'm unsure of, and plenty more in the book.

Silhouettes From Popular Culture is available direct from the publisher Titan Books or, if you prefer to pay significantly less for it, from retailers such as Amazon.


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