Official Zorro Web site launched

Cryo launches a new online site for The Shadow of Zorro, its upcoming adventure game starring the legendary masked hero.


French game companies Cryo Interactive and In-Utero have launched the official Web site for their upcoming adventure game The Shadow of Zorro. The new site, which requires Flash, features a short background story for the game, a look at some of the areas that will appear in the game, and a gallery of screenshots showing off some of the game's characters, environments, and swordfighting.

The Shadow of Zorro features the popular masked hero made famous in the classic Zorro TV series and numerous movies. The game will feature seven levels where Zorro must sneak by guards and fight off enemies while trying to find clues about his origin. The Shadow of Zorro is in development at In-Utero, and it is scheduled for release on the PC and the Sony PlayStation 2 in November. For more information, visit the new official Web site