October 5-12 TOTS Trivia Winners

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We have a load of items that we have given away over the past few weeks. Congrats to the following trivia winners!

October 2 Episode

T. Furlong and A. Bradford received peripherals for a PlayStation Move.

October 5 Episode

R. Matih won a Call of Duty: Black Ops hoodie.

October 7 Episode

A. Tormenti, A. Moe, T. Alzahrani, T. Craig, A. Etoum, and C. Rakestraw won an Okamiden keychain along with an Okamiden bracelet!

October 9 Episode

D. Lowe won a Guitar Hero controller and wings.

October 12 Episode

Lastly, the following users won a Costume Quest game code: C. Pierson, J. Powell, R. Jozil, J. Perez, K. Hickey, E. Rivera, A. Ahmed, A. Lewczuk, T. Byrd, L. Chambers, W. Roper, G. Lozensky, J. Knott, J. Sanchez, A. Winebar, R. Delapaz, J. Cruse, P. Tse, M. Smith, and S. Rodford.

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